Instacart is removing every employee who voted to unionize

Instacart is retrenching every employee who voted for the union, Motherboard Report. The news comes as the company shut down in-store operations at some grocery stores and doubled down on curbside pickup amid the coronovirus epidemic.

The layoffs affect 10 unionized workers at a grocery store named Mariano, in addition to other Instacart employees. The group voted last year to vote with the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1546 (UFCW) in Skykey, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. The gig was a historic win for workers and “according to my colleague Nick Statt,” the first time employees of tech companies relied primarily on contracted labor collectively bargained for better wages, benefits and working conditions. Formed a consortium for.

Employees were in the process of negotiating their first contract upon receiving the news of layoffs. “These layoffs are completely discouraging for any gig workers who are trying to do something to improve these jobs,” said a union worker Motherboard. They said they were fighting for health insurance and vacation time in their initial contract.

UFCW reported Motherboard The layoffs will affect about 2,000 of the company’s 10,000 grocery store employees.

Other news efforts by Instacart employees across the country could have an impact on this news. The company’s leadership has already shown its hostility towards the organizers, a union-busting campaign is being carried out that involves bringing managers to the grocery store to convince workers in the squeaky to vote against the union.

Although the epidemic has changed the company’s in-store shopping model, it has also brought a significant increase in demand for grocery deliveries. This year, Instacart plans to go public, an event that could cost the company around $ 30 billion.

The company announced the layoffs in a blog post about the new grocery pickup model. Instacart said it would move some affected shoppers to other grocery stores and provide “transition assistance” to those looking for work. “We know this is an incredibly challenging time for many as we go through the COVID-19 crisis, and we will do everything we can to support shoppers through this transition,” in a blog post Having said.

according to this MotherboardWorkers can receive as little as $ 250 in severance.

Instacart won’t tell The ledge Will the union employees be among those transferred. Sorting to take place between March and June Motherboard.

In a statement sent to The ledge, An Instacart spokesman wrote:

As a result of some grocers transitioning to a companion pick model, we will be discontinuing our in-store operations at retailers’ locations in the coming months. We know that this is an incredibly challenging time for many people going through the COVID-19 crisis, and we are doing everything we can to support in-store shoppers through this transition. This includes relocating affected retailers to other retailer locations where we have Instacart-in-store shopper roles open, working closely with their retail partners to hire affected shoppers to fulfill their roles , And provide transition assistance to shoppers to find new work. chance. We are providing different packages to all affected shoppers based on their tenure with Instacart.

The statement was pulled directly from the company’s public blog post.

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