Inside the We the People, ‘Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ Very Weary, Sorta Uplifting Pre-Invention Conservation

I amt’s 2021 hype-up conundrum: How do you get people excited for a party when you are the kind of people who are clearly telling them not to party and no one can party because it’s an epidemic? Biden’s inaugural committee’s kick-off celebration for the week of swearing events, then, is as weird and confusing as you might expect.

Sunday night, a staged effort to do something uplifting and fun we people The concert and fundraiser (a small donation led the Beiden / Harris supporters to the virtual event) was silly, kind of sad, incredibly random, low energy, hoarse, fanciful, and maybe kinda cool in the end?

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This week in pop culture, we can’t stop loving, hating and thinking about everything.

The lineup wasn’t the usual hilarious booking that the Telegraph “We know that the guest of honor doesn’t know who most of these people are, but we’re at least one to tick every demographic to prove it Were determined to determine the act. ” Inclusive ”that these political events are notorious.

Big guns may be being reserved for the primetime opening concert on Wednesday, or they may not be able to justify an attempt to appear at a live live concert featuring a lack of emotion , but we people Whiplash-inducing turns from the A-list artist, not quite the Z-list, but perhaps the P-list? Q list?

Keegan-Michael Key and Debra Messing of Distinguished “I’m for Joe” meme, Served as co-host, and were perfectly happy and happy to be there, so good for him. But by the time they overhearly present the night’s lineup, it was tempting to sneak up on their dim returns: “Cher!” “And Fall Out Boy!” “And [pause] Tomorrow pen… ”

President-Elect and Dr. Jill Biden spoke, as did Kamala Harris and her husband, Doug Amhoff. “Even though our inaugural traditions look a little different this year,” Biden warned, “we’re all still together across America.”

And so perhaps in these extreme circumstances they want to enjoy these things: the best anyone can do. You have to feel for him.

Amidst the epidemic ban and the continuing threats of rebellion, this is the worst time for a new administration to try for trumpet provocation, and do their damnedest to do what they are capable of and what is justified. This is an impossible situation, like if someone gave you some twenties, a keg of Busch Light, the key to the party room at the Ponderosa Steakhouse, and said, “Turn it into a presidential event.”

There must be many minds about this. It is ending that there is an urge to do this sort of thing, to do it seamlessly as part of festive days and eventually some civil pomp and circumstance, and especially now that we are in an epidemic . Yet it is time to start feeling good about things – or at least believe that it is possible to feel good about things again one day.

To that end, it is inspiring and good, an opportunity to gather with those who are excited to champion and support not only the new presidential-election, but the promise of the country that may lead them Does.

But then at the end of the day, how can you feel, sitting on your couch with Grace Adler and Meryl Streep watching a glowing livestream on your computer at 8pm on Sunday night. Class dance You are trying to get into the thinking of how Fall Out Boy’s upcoming performance is like watching Beyoncé Coachella?

Was the inaugural committee trying to bring together the old memories of the Obama era, which is out of the book so far? Trying to reassure Biden repeatedly when Trump was but a reality-TV star, the only facemask we saw Gray anatomy Thursday night, and we were all going down, in the first round, sugar, we’re going down swinging?

Until oral history is released on how the event was presented – the first celebrity presenter was Michael Bivins, a former member of New Edition and Bel Biv Devo … – remaining politely to us about favorite rock One has to be satisfied with living. The band of my high school graduating class of 2005 became a headliner. (His 2014 single “Century” was performed … okay?)

There was no one to save the frailty of everything.

A pop trio by the name of AJR, who was touted by Messing and Key to write and produce songs from their living room, performed “Bummerland”, as if the jokes were not already written by themselves.

Yes, he had booked Barbara Strisand, but only for one voice. She teased that she must have been singing a song, which she performed for three presidents, and was excited to make Biden fourth, and then played archery footage of “Happy Days” at a concert years ago. What was that about “Bummerland”?

A pop trio by the name of AJR, who was touted by Messing and Key to write and produce songs from their living room, performed “Bummerland”, as if the jokes were not already written by themselves.

Yesterday Penn joined… New Jersey (?) To talk about the famous bagels, and the possibility offers similarities between America and being an actor. performed, which I can say with confidence that no one wanted.

In the end, we were blessed with the presence of Cher, who delivered a happy speech, not a self-shot, before her ballad “I Hope You Find It” as well as lip balm from different areas of her home. Unlike the music video, the 13-year-old got me lip-syncing with a Cher song in my living room.

The truth is, I think I was assigned this review to be pointless, which is, in fact, easy to do, especially considering the seriousness of trying to get random setlists and people pumped up on a zoom video. do. Instead of applause, you have Deb and Keig caressing and squealing how good each artist was. There was no cheering or laughter, but the video lags had a caustic mess sound that we are all now familiar with.

But there was legitimately something enjoyable, even uplifting, about it.

The first artist, for example, was Ben Harper, who sang the song “With My Two Hands”. It has a beautiful, vibrant rhythm, with lyrics like: “I can make peace on earth with my two hands / I can cleanse the earth with my two hands / I can reach you with my two hands.”

This is a real message right now. This is extremely important, but can only be metaphorical. We can do nothing with our two hands – at least not without a bathtub of sanitizer and diligent COVID testing – but proper messaging.

We have all received these loud-and-clear marching orders last week that every person who wants to end this current national nightmare has to be an active participant in digging himself. This will be possible only when there is support: from the government, from the community. And this will be possible only when empathy is a novel concept these days.

The end of the song replaces the song with the chorus Our Own two hands. “Maybe the inch of snow that has accumulated on my heart in the last four years has really started to melt, because I found myself touched.

Carole King performed “You’ve Got a Friend” sitting on a piano. As James Taylor, he was baffled by his own version of “America, the Beautiful”. There is no time in which to see those things on any day is not the main attraction of any day. They were cute.

But as we were being conquered, the Grand Finale kicked in and rekindled us all that we were doing the same. As he followed the remarkable, impressively constructed Democratic National Convention – a simplicity and triumph of democracy – the music, with a DJ, ended inexplicably.

This time Diplo was replaced by DJ Cassidy, but staring at a person on YouTube-sized screen in dance music was as strange as all of us in the arena ready to party together, and not sitting on the couch in the same place where we Have been for the past 11 months, paying half attention while scrolling on Twitter.

I don’t know what we ever want from these celebrity-meets-politics events that come out every four years, and I certainly don’t know what we want from them in the epidemic.

Perhaps we can just say that this was the final start to Wednesday’s big show, which would feature Lady Gaga, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake and the ultimate headliner: saving the United States from its current fiery hell. It doesn’t matter if you missed, but making sure you’re more excited for the main event.


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