Inside the Google-Facebook advertising deal at the heart of price-fixing lawsuit

The state’s attorney general said in a lawsuit earlier this month that the 2018 trade agreement between Google of two digital advertising giants, Facebook Inc. and Alphabet Inc., was an illegal pricing deal. Lawmakers are calling for further investigation. The companies say it was above board.

The Wall Street Journal looked at part of a recently untrained draft version of the lawsuit, which detailed the allegations in a complaint filed in federal district court in Texas.

Ten Republican Attorney Generals, led by Ken Paxton of Texas, say that Google gave Facebook access to its particular servers as a specialized tool to allocate advertising space to its web servers. This and other conduct by Google, they compete in the final litigation, compete and deprive advertisers, publishers and consumers of “improved quality, greater transparency, increased output and / or lower prices”.

Earlier draft details, including contract terms and company documents, shed further light on the legal battle and the relationship between the two tech giants, who have called each other competitors, even digital advertising Have a broad share of the market.

A Google spokesperson declined to comment on the specific terms of the deal. He said that the complaint of the states falsified the agreement, as it works on many other aspects of our advertising technology. We look forward to making our case in court. “


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