Inside Clare Crawley and Dale Moss’s “plans for your future” after PDA-packed beach day

Clare crawley Y Dale moss they have literally kissed and reconciled.

Weekend, High school Stars were seen sharing a steamy kiss on the beach in Nokomis, Florida.

Clare, 39, and Dale, 32, walked barefoot along the shoreline, with him in shorts and she in a loose white dress over her bikini. They took a walk through the sand, hand in hand, while Dale carried a refreshing drink.

Witnesses saw Clare playfully spank her ex-fiancé, and then he took her back to the hotel as photographers congratulated the couple on their reconciliation.

Last year, they got engaged on the reality show after just four episodes. However, Clare claimed that Dale surprised her when he announced their breakup on social media in January. The former athlete later faced accusations of cheating on his future wife during their engagement.

Over Valentine’s Day weekend, Clare “finally gave in” and flew to meet him in the Sunshine State. On Sunday, February 21, they were again seen enjoying their getaway to Florida, although Clare was not wearing her ring. of 4.5 carat diamond engagement at that time.

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A source now tells E! News that Clare and Dale have been having long conversations and are “making plans for their future together”, because “they both want it to work.”

The source says: “Clare visiting him in Florida really sealed the deal for her. She is so in love and will do whatever it takes to make it work for them.”

Dale Moss, Clare Crawley, No website before 11:30 am PST on February 23, 2021

The only problem they foresee is where they will spend most of their time, because they live on opposite coasts, with her in Sacramento, California, and Dale spending time in New York. Still, the lovers have been making plans to see each other and “keep dating.” Dale even invited her to come to New York City next month, according to the source.

“They have had a great week together and are already acting like they are together again,” the source shares. “It’s been a fun week for both of them and they both hope the relationship continues that way. They both seem happy together and have been able to put the drama behind them.”

Dale Moss, Clare Crawley, No website before 11:30 am PST on February 23, 2021

Dale Moss, Clare Crawley, No website before 11:30 am PST on February 23, 2021

Last week, a source close to Clare exclusively told E! News of why the hairdresser was turning away from gossip and trying to figure things out. “Dale regretted everything that happened between him and Clare and has been getting closer to her,” the source revealed. “She finally relented and decided to answer his calls and talk.”

The breakup earlier this year really took a toll on the ABC star. She explained during an Instagram Live session that she was “struggling pretty bad” for a long time. Clare continued, “I’m getting to the point where I’m trying really hard to come back from that and take a U-turn, because it’s a dark place to be when you have a lot of things compiled from each other.”

A source told E! The news “has been very difficult” for her to overcome her feelings and be reunited with him.

They weren’t officially back together last week, but it seems like the last few days in the sun helped them grow closer. On February 17, they sat down to dinner at Rosebud’s Steak & Seafood House in Osprey, Florida, where witnesses said they “seemed totally in love.”

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