Influencer who admitted that he had not ‘ejected the virus’ from Kovid-19

An affected person who previously denied Kovid has died at the age of just 33 after contracting a deadly virus to go to Turkey.

Dmitry Stojuk was discharged from a hospital in Ukraine, but was taken back inside and his condition deteriorated quickly.

The super-fit fitness coach promoted sports and a healthy life for his one million followers, but his death eventually resulted from coronovirus-related cardiac complications.

Sincerely: East2West News

His ex-wife and mother of his three children, 25-year-old Sophia Stazuk, announced the news to her fans.

After being caught by the virus, which has now killed more than a million people worldwide, he shared a message to warn his fans.

Writing on social media, Stuzhuk wrote: “I want to share how I became ill and warned everyone strongly.

“I was the one who thought Kovid didn’t exist.

Sincerely: East2West News
Sincerely: East2West News

He continued: “COVID-19 IS NOT SHORT-LIVED DISEASE! And it is heavy.”

Stojuk suspected that he had coronovirus when he woke up with a swollen neck and difficulty breathing. He took an exam when he came back to Ukraine and tested positive before being hospitalized.

He said: “The hospital is full of people, some of them being treated in the corridors.”

The trainer said that he needed a ventilator to breathe, but after eight days he could leave the ward he was in hospital in Kiev.

He said: “At home, as they say, the walls fix – my condition is stable.”

However, a few hours later she was rushed back to the hospital, where Sophia said she fainted.

Sincerely: East2West News
Sincerely: East2West News
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Sofia – who has five million followers – whom she struggled for life: “Dima (Dimitri) had problems with her cardiovascular system.

“His heart is not coping.”

Medics said she suffered a clinical death but resumed her heart.

She posted: “Her kingdom is extremely serious. Anyone can do anything with it.”

“I did everything I could with the father of my three children. But now nothing depends on me.”

Sincerely: East2West News
Sincerely: East2West News

A ‘heartbroken’ Sophia announced her death.

The couple had three children, David, Lola and Olivia. The youngest is just nine months old.

The pair separated six months ago but recently said they were back on good terms.

She posted: “Only warm memories remain, three beautiful children and valuable experiences.

“God, it is so terrible to feel that he is no longer with us.”