Infinity War Trailer gets an animated makeover from the 90s and it’s impressive –

Infinity War Trailer gets an animated makeover from the 90s and it’s impressive


Christmas came early for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when the Russo brothers dropped the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War at the end of last week. The breakthrough instantly became the most watched preview in the history of YouTube, breaking records during a single 24-hour period with more than 230 million views and more than 1 million likes. The holder of the previous record was the adaptation of Andres Muschietti's big screen by Stephen King IT to 190 million views in 24 hours. Needless to say, the launch of the trailer was a great thing and now it has been awarded the ultimate tribute: a version of the animated trailer of the 90s made from the Marvel cartoons of the 1990s and is impressive.

The nineties gave us successful Marvel cartoons like X-Men: The animated series and Spider-Man: The animated series . In addition, there were a lot of less popular, but still successful, Marvel animated shows from this fertile period, including Iron Man, Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, The Silver Surfer and Avengers United. It is from these cartoons that YouTuber Darth Blender was able to build a cohesive version of Infinity War using the original dialogue and sound design of the trailer and replacing the images with some fantastic Marvel cartoons of the 90s. [19659004] the new animated trailer Infinity War reaches all the rhythms of the original, except in the same ending where Thor meets the Guardians of the Galaxy, which is understandable because there was no animated version of the Guardians in the 1990s. But apart from that, the new trailer does an impressive job of finding images of the 90s cartoons and joining them with the recently released trailer. It must have taken hours and hours to put the finished product together, since the attention to detail is excellent.

Avengers: Infinity War is the culmination of 10 years of the MCU over the course of 18 films and many hardcore fans have begun to examine each frame of the 2-minute clip. There is already speculation about how Thanos acquires all the Infinity Stones, if Iron Man dies (receives a mbadive blow from Thanos in the trailer), how Thor ends with the Galaxy Guardians and too many theories to tell. The point is that Infinity War is a big business and fans expect nothing more than the best of MCU for the most epic comic book battle ever seen on the big screen.

Disney and Marvel Studios have a monster in their hands and they know it. This is not the first "tribute" video that received the trailer for Infinity War . There is also a cartoon mashup from Disney and the Justice League that react to the new trailer. There is even a set of Thanos memes floating on the Internet, but they all pale in comparison to this nerdy love job that is the animated trailer by Infinity War . So, what are you waiting for? Watch the animated trailer below, courtesy of Darth Blender's YouTube channel.

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