Infectious Disease Expert Explains Why False Negative Testing Can Happen ::

– If you are exposed to COVID-19, being tested too early can provide a false sense of security with a negative test result.

“If you have been exposed to a known case of COVID-19, then your job is to stay out of circulation, stay away from people and then do a test after some time,” Dr. David Wahl told UNC’s infectious diseases clinic.

Wohl suggests that testing be done to make sure to wait at least five days or thereafter and therefore the end result is not a false negative test result. He said that it takes time for the virus to develop, and if you get tested soon, the virus won’t be detected – which can result in a negative test.

Wohl said, “If someone like Kellyanne Conway breathes in a virus and suffers from her nose, then it goes negative the first day I test it.” , I would have too many viruses to find. ”

Wohl suggests that if you are exposed to reduce the risk of infecting others, they become immediately alert, as they are not aware that people may be contagious at this time.

Wohl said that getting multiple tests in a row makes no sense. He said it could be a waste of resources and snatch opportunities for those who need to be tested.