Industry Insider Shows Interesting PlayStation 5 Information

This week has been absolutely unprecedented for Xbox fans. Even though the price and launch date of the Xbox Series X and S were announced ahead of time, it was still a huge win on Microsoft’s part. But ever since it was announced, all eyes are on Sony, as there is still no word on PlayStation 5.

Over the past few weeks, several rumors have surfaced regarding Sony’s announcement. The most exciting rumor was that an event was scheduled for September 9Th. Hilarious, it was Microsoft that announced that day. Now, a popular industry insider has shared some interesting information about the same.

Analyst Daniel Ahmed tweeted a picture of the PlayStation 5 and PS5 digital box content. Check it out below.

They also added saying “It is from a Hong Kong distributor. So maybe region specific. just for your information.”

A lot of fans may think that this is general information. But amazingly, this is one of the rare, reliable, and reliable leaks that have surfaced about the PS5 because Sony is absolutely amazing at keeping things under wraps. This has also been one of the major factors in building publicity around the console.

Sony shouldn’t wait too long to announce details about the PlayStation 5

But Sony can consider the details of the Xbox series X and S. Both consoles have great price points that don’t seem too heavy on the wallet for next-gen consoles. Another area where Microsoft has broken this is the Xbox Game Pass, which announces its partnership with EA Play, at no additional cost. It also encourages customers further. Additionally, Xbox All-Access has made it easy for customers to purchase game passes and consoles without feeling an immediate financial burden.

With that said, there are still some questions about the PlayStation 5 that need to be answered. Price, launch date and launch title are yet to be confirmed officially. Sony needs to take measures because they do not want to wait too long before making an announcement. The Xbox announcement triggered the ‘console war’ and fans can expect a Sony event in the coming weeks.

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