The Story of Muslim Scientists Get Theory Evolution 1,000 Years Before Darwin

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Two pages from The Book of Animals by Al-Jahiz Getty Images Al-Jahiz writes seven series of The Book of Animals.

The change theory theory inspired by the British scientist, Charles Darwin, is one of the fundamental foundations of today's science. However, it appears that Darwin's theory in its development is also ancestors in Islamic science science finance.

The idea that Darwin praises our understanding of the world's revival, that living things are changing from time to time in a machine called natural selection.

Through a book published in 1859, On the Origin of Species, Darwin asked to develop as a " process of showing hereditary changes &

Darwin describes the range of genres from one common ancestor.

About a thousand years ago, Charles Darwin wrote a fierce Muslim who lives in Iraq, al-Jahiz, a book about the animal development process.

Natural selection

Al-Jahiz gave a natural process to its process.

The true name of the philosophy is Abu Usman Amr Bahr Alkanani al-Bisri. But history is recorded as al-Jahiz.

That hairy name means someone with an eyebone that came near. The most friendly time is not to phone someone.

Even so Al-Jahiz's reputation is still a & # 39; Living in his powerful book, Kitab al-Hayawan (Animal Book).

Al-Jahiz was born in 776 BC in the city of Basra, southern Iraq. At that time, Mutazilah's move had given priority to a reason rather than a tradition in its development in Basra.

When al-Jahiz was born, Basra was under the command of the Abbot of Caliph. At that time, Greek scientific works were translated into Arabic.

The polemic about religion, science, and philosophy that took place in that time created mental al-Jahiz and later helped by develop scientific ideas.

The paper introduced by Chinese merchants helped the people of Iraq to promote the spread of ideas. Young Al-Jahiz then started writing different topics.

Al-Jahiz's interest fell in a number of areas, from natural sciences, geography, philosophy, Arabic, to literature. It is believed to have written 200 books in his life, but only one third can read.

Photograph of Charles Darwin Getty Images UK got the funeral of Charles Darwin in 1882 at Westminster Abbey. Only important numbers can be buried at that place.

Book about animals

His most famous book was designed as a video clip that included 350 types of animals.

Through this book, Al-Jahiz suggested ideas that were very similar to Darwin's theory of development.

"Animals who struggle to live, rather than predators, and breeding," wrote al-Jahiz.

"Natural factors affect organisms to develop new features to survive. These things are turned into new species," continued.

Al-Jahiz also explained in his book, "Animals that are successful in breeding can reduce their character to those who continue to do it."

According to al-Jahiz, everything living in the world is struggling to live. During that time, there are species that are stronger than others.

Front cover of the French satirical magazine La Petite Lune in 1871 Getty Images A magazine in France reveals Darwin's caricatures and its & mentions that a common ancestor and people are at the same time.

In order to survive, animals must have a competitive soul for food, prevent themselves from eating them, and active breeding.

This requirement naturally changes one species from one generation to another.

His Al-Jahiz idea influenced other Muslim thinkers who had a " stay after the time. Al-Jahiz was cleared by al-Farabi, al-Arabi, al-Biruni, and Ibn Khaldun.

Through a number of books published in 1930, the Palestinian spiritual community, Muhammad Iqbal, called Allama Iqbal, saw the role of al-Jahiz for the community.

Iqbal wrote, "Al-Jahiz is a person who wants the development that animals cause due to migration and environmental impact."

Theory Mohammed

The Islamic world to the theory of change does not help something unconnected to 19th century European thinkers. Indeed, Darwin's scientist, William Draper, once spoke to Mohammed's theory of change in 1878.

However, there is no evidence that Darwin was familiar with al-Jahiz's work. One does not know if Darwin would understand Arabic.

A portrait of four species of chiefs watched by Darwin on the Galapagos Islands Getty Images Darwin is looking at her; Changes in staff lifespan when they look at differences in species in the Galapagos Islands.

Britain's natural researcher has the right to spend a reputation as a science scientist for many years; share and investigate nature.

Darwin is also desirable to have been identified as an unprecedented theoretical engineer, changing detail and clarity as we look at the world.

But science researcher, Ehsan Masood, who made an episode for a BBC called Islam and Science, says we must remind people who also contributed to the change of opinion.


Massod said that the creative theory that opposed his 9th century prophecy in Iraq did not reveal, when Baghdad and Basra were the science centers in Islamic civilization.

"Scientists do not spend time to test the books of publication and compare them with an ingenious knowledge about nature," wrote Massod in the British newspaper The Guardian .

"Instead, the scientists left the house and tried to find things with their own eyes and eyes," following Massod.

At the end, b & # 39; The research for Al-Jahiz's knowledge to his own death.

There is a story when he was 92 years old, trying to reach the book over his print. But the cabinet fell on al-Jahiz. And at that time, the life of the Muslim expert ended.

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