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The Story of British Girl Who Shame His Indonesian Mother, Finally Write This Letter

BANGKAPOS.COM – His name Aisha Pegley is now 24 years old, living with his mother Ina who is bloody Indonesia in Surrey, England.

Coinciding with the Mother's Day in England which fell on March 11, Aisha wrote the vein of gratitude for her mama who regrets her for always concealing her mother's origin.

This letter was published in Gal-Dem online magazine which contains various experiences of colored women.


All things about beautiful mama: she is kind, smart, funny, creative and she is Indonesian, thank you mama.

Those are the words about mother written by his own daughter who once embarrassed to acknowledge his origin. [19659002] His mother is from Indonesia and they live in an area of ​​Britain with a large proportion of the white population.

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As a child, when his friends visit, he will immediately close the door if his mother is calling you and speaking in Indonesian.

As a teenager and lecture at London, then this young woman opened her eyes and met with many friends from various countries.

"I feel guilty because remembering as a child is often embarrassed about my origins," said Aisha Pegley who is now 24.

" I used to slam the door and invite friends out of the house because I was embarrassed to hear my mother speak Indonesian on the phone. "

The offer of fried rice, his mother's fried noodles to his friends were also asked to replace with corn flakes or potatoes.

"But right now, I feel very Indonesia … and I want to strengthen that identity by learning a lot about everything … including language, culture … I'm an adult charcoal and mother is getting old … before it's too late, "he added.

Thank you letter for mama, she wrote on Mother's Day in England which fell on March 11 and published in Gal-Dem online magazine containing women's experiences

 Aisha and Ina Pegley.
Aisha and her mother, Ina / AISHA PEGLEY

"I will never hide (the-Indonesian) from mama again, and I will try learn all because of the blood of Indonesia flowing in my veins. "

" I am an adopted child, and I am grateful for having a mother, let alone who can speak three languages ​​(Indonesian, English, Italian), and give me, infinite love in my life. Thank you, "wrote Aisha in the letter.

After marrying an English man, Ina had lived in Italy before settling in England for about 30 years.

Ina himself says he realizes that his son was embarrassed because" different "

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"I know he is embarrassed, but I do not." (19459002) stop, still offer fried rice, fried noodle (when friends Aisha visit home), I still love. I did not follow her feelings of shame, "Ina's story.

After growing up, Aisha began to change and realized that" different is something special, "Ina said.

Aisha and her mother Ina

"She said how come I was so … and her eyes were open after moving to London … Now she loves Indonesian cooking again," she added.


Aisha said that in about five years, he enjoys hanging out with people from different countries.

Ina opened a catering Indonesian cuisine in 18 years (19459002)  Instagram message by aisha_pegley: Doing what we do best @ DISH❤️❤️M

 Instagram message by aisha_pegley:


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