Robot Style & Selfie & # 39; Feeling about the persecution of Mars

Jakarta – An Info Robot will continue to & # 39; exploring new areas of Mars. Before continuing his position on Red Planet, he first took a selfie picture.

Do not think about the selfie that the robot is similar to the selfie we do; usually do. As stated CNETOn Tuesday (1/29/2019), the "selfie" style of the device needed 57 cuts to be combined in one unit.

according to"Selfie" can be done using the NASA search engine using a called device Mars Lens Imager, at the end of Curiosity arm.

From the "selfie" results, the Inquiry robot looks good with a backdrop of dust in a situation that is known as a local storm.

It was also said that the photograph was taken by Information in the Vera Rubin Ridge area which was the "home" of the robot for more than a period of the past year. The re-awareness will continue to investigate Mars in a new place.

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