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CALIFORNIA, – NASA is only a three month old organization that is examining the distance near Earth, Bennu. But, something has been discovered by experts.

Scientists say that OSIRIS-Rex's spaceship has noticed that a mass of items is pounding from the surface of Breed. Feedback in advance shows that things could be older than previously thought.

The surface feature now appears, helmets can be 100 million to 1 billion years old. The cloth may come from the main asteroid belt.

A series of papers that were published this week produce preliminary results from OSIRIS-Rex's mission on the speedy Bennu. Many search centers were inspected into a series of unexpected unexpected features in the first few months. However, nothing seems more interesting than the chicken feathers.

“Searching for feathers is one of the biggest surprises of the scientific feathers. And the rough ground goes against what we do. "Bachaidh" has been deceived, and our exciting journey has begun, "said OSIRIS-Rex Principal of the University of Texas; Daily Post, Thursdays (03/21/2019).

The crew also said that they had reached more large rocks at the surface. The department, therefore, has the intention of changing the Touch-and-Go (TAG) component designed by the intention.

Meanwhile, OSIRIS-Rex downloads to gather examples. Although it had previously been planned for a 82-foot sample site, researchers are now claiming to focus on smaller areas.

"The first three months of OSIRIS-Rex reminds us of what we find, think fast, and flexibility. We will examine asteroids as Determination about learning the origin of the solar system. Rex by answering some of the biggest questions about where we are starting, "said the Rural Science Department at NASA's Headquarters in Washington Lori Glaze.

OSIRIS-Rex ideas seemed to prove that old objects were minerals. It is believed that the asteroid may send carbon-rich materials to Earth for a long time.

Although it can increase people's understanding of the early solar system, features will also be a challenge for the mission as scientists hope to dig deeper.

"Bennu has challenged us to face a harsh environment, and we believe OSIRIS-Rex can do the job," said OSIRIS-Rex, the project to create Greenbelt's Goddard Space Center, Maryland .

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