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Miss Russia Victoria Lopyreva So World Cup 2018 Ambassador, it is mission

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The winner of Miss Russia 2003, Victoria Lopyreva was named as the 19489004 World Cup 2018 that took place in her country. The 34-year-old woman took the opportunity to change the negative perception of her homeland, Russia.

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"Russia has changed a lot in the last 25 years and this championship Soccer brings opportunities to expand our country even more, "said Victoria Lopyreva cited by Mirror. The 2018 World Cup, according to women with 1.8 million followers on Instagram, is expected to attract investment from abroad and support the potential of young talents there.

Reflection of Germany that successfully changes the image of its country before the world when the host World Cup in 2006, Victoria Lopyreva also explains that Russia has a rich history and culture. "I really hope that the World Cup will put Russia on the list of the most popular tourism," said the woman who said that love died against football. "For those who are new to Russia first, I can guarantee some surprises here."

Victoria Lopyreva began her career in modeling in 1999. She has received numerous awards during modeling, such as Model of Don, Rostov Beauty, until the face of the year. He was even awarded Miss Russia in 2003. Instagram

Victoria Lopyreva believes that football can bring together people of diverse backgrounds. Women who work as models, actresses and television presenters have promoted preparations for the World Cup, including security concerns to calm the fear of visiting tourists.

"Officials certainly make sure that conditions are safe and travelers can go walking to various tourist attractions greeted the friendly face of the population here," said Victoria Lopyreva. Not only that, multilingual volunteers are also willing to help tourists understand the various clues and the necessary match information.

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