How big is Avtur's effect on air ticket prices?

Jakarta – It is said that avtur price as a price person is priced on expensive airline tickets. President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) spoke last year with Avtur's high price.

General Secretary of Transport Air Transport, Polana B Pramesti, said that his / her. Some avtur operating costs are also included in large planes. However, air fuel is not the only part.

"There is a huge contribution to the payment of air operating costs as well as rupiah exchange rate," said Polana detikFinance, Tuesday (12/22/2019).

Based on Ministerial Administration (PM) of Transport No. 14 of 2016 regarding Taxation Consolidation and Tax Determination of Higher and Lower Areas of Economy Passenger Services for Domestic Registered Airport Transport, prices and Approximately 24% of operating costs of aircraft. However, this number can change according to the airport.

"The percentage according to PM 14/2016 is about 24%. But the information can be requested to its airline operator because the price of the man in each place is definitely different to think there is transport to the area that serves, "said Polana.

He also agrees that Pertamina is the only avtur player at Indonesia airports. Pertamina offers sales across all airports in Indonesia.

"Pertamina does not serve Avtur in Indonesia but not only in Java but also in Papua," said Polana. (fig / zlf)

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