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Helicopter owned by PT IMIP Falls in Morowali, a murdered employee


KENDARI, KOMPAS.com – PT Indonesia The Morowali Industrial Park (IMIP) has confirmed that Choper helicopters crashed around 10:30 pm in Morowali, Central Sulawesi. In the incident, one employee died.

The victim was not a pbadenger in a helicopter, but an employee of PT IMIP who was near the location of the helicopter accident. The pilot and the pbadenger of the helicopter were declared safe.

Media Relations Coordinator PT IMIP, Dedy Kurniawan revealed, the helicopter began to take off (19459006) take off ) to fly to Haluoleo airport, Kendari. The helicopter contained 6 pbadengers, 1 pilot and 1 co-pilot.

But only about 5 or 7 minutes they flew, the helicopter suddenly returned to the heliport (landing place). When turning it, the position of the helicopter is already on the sea.

"At a distance of approximately 100 meters from the heliport, the helicopter suddenly fell," Dedy said by telephone on Friday (4/20/2018).

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Of the 8 people in the helicopter, Dedi continued, only 4 pbadengers suffered minor injuries. While the other four were not injured.

Regarding the cause of the helicopter accident, PT IMIP has not been able to provide information. Because, the compiler, the National Committee for Transportation Security (NTSC) is still investigating.

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Kompas TV Minister of Defense and Commander of TNI, on Wednesday (28/2) in the afternoon received 24 US F-16 aircraft at the Iswahjudi Air Base, Magetan, East Java.

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