Anail of Toyota Sienta gasps

Jakarta – Toyota Sienta for MPV cars in Indonesia has to be tough competition. Sienta, who has twice registered thousands of units each month, now needs a lot harder.

In a data collection department of the Automotive Industry Association of Indonesia (Gaikindo), Sienta's sale has reduced from November 2017. In October 2017 Toyota was able to distribute 1,485 Sienta units to retailers, in November only. unit.

In December the Sienta magazine sent up up to 69 units to its new role. The downward trend in Sienta distribution continues in 2018. In the 12-month period 2018, Toyota one thousand didn't send up every month. During 2018, Toyota typically sent out 747 units of Sienta in September.

The downward trend in Sienta distribution continued again in 2019. Opening early 2019, Toyota only delivered 66 Sienta units. In February 2019, properties of Sienta were increased to sales by slightly to 111 units.

The Toyota side long admitted there was a decline in Sienta. The reason is that Sienta is in a very tight MPV market competition.

"At the moment, there's not as much sales. But at the beginning, our sales were around 2,000 units a month, so at that time Sienta's competition and section were great. But it may be a competition until the sale of Sienta some down, "Anton Marketing Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor".

PT Toyota Astra Director-General Motor Motor Fransiscus Soerjopranoto He added that Sienta still needs to sell up to one thousand units per month.

“In my opinion, a great deal is bought at the beginning of this publication, the special chubby model is in Japan, it really takes time in Indonesia,” which Soerjo sent when he sent AFP call for information (Tuesday / 19/2019) (dry / pg)

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