Indonesia is the first to accept the Sinaovac vaccine outside China

Indonesia became the first country outside China to approve emergency use for the Kovid-19 vaccine developed by Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturer Sinovac Biotech Ltd., despite findings that candidate effectiveness for the new coronovirus vaccine is the lowest.

Indonesia’s Food and Drug Agency said on Monday that a late-stage clinical trial in the large city of Bandung showed Synovac’s Coronavac vaccine to be 65.3% effective. Comparing the results of clinical trials in Brazil last week showed that the vaccine’s efficacy rate was 78%.

According to Penny Lukito, head of Indonesia’s National Agency of Drug and Food Control, Indonesia’s testing showed that Coronavac was safe, with only minor side effects such as fatigue and fever. “Hopefully vaccines for Kovid-19 will be one of the factors that will control this epidemic,” she said.

The 65% rate exceeds the 50% limit required by the World Health Organization and many regulatory authorities for widespread use. Western vaccines developed by Modern Inc. and their vaccines combined by Pfizer Inc. and Biotech SE are reported to be more than 90% effective; According to the team another one developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca plc was at least 62% effective.

Authorities in Brazil have yet to approve the use of Coronavac, although President Jair Bolsonaro’s administration has backed his previous criticism of Chinese vaccines and agreed to buy 100 million shots of the vaccine.


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