India’s first lunar mission will be launched in 2018


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In a first for the country, India will launch and land an explorer on the lunar surface in 2018. The Indian Moon mission is among a variety of innovative space projects in which the country is working.

One Giant Leap

In 2013, China landed the Yutu rover on the Moon, but no one has stepped on (or bot) our cosmic neighbor ever since. But this will change in early 2018 when India makes its debut on the Moon. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will land its first lunar vehicle as part of India's lunar mission. The agency is currently aiming for a landing in March 2018.

  The three ships that will be part of the next lunar launch. Image credit: ISRO
The three ships that will be part of the next lunar launch. Image credit: ISRO

This plan is called the Chandrayaan-2 mission, which roughly translates as "lunar vehicle" or "lunar journey", started with the Chandrayaan-1, which turned it into a lunar orbit and was able to of detecting "magmatic water" inside a crater on the surface of the Moon.

Unfortunately, in 2008 this initial probe crashed on the Moon and was lost in orbit until NASA found it adrift in 2016. But the imminent launch of this lunar vehicle has even more promise and hopefully will allow a more accurate view of the lunar surface.

Lunar Exploration

This next release will include three unmanned vehicles, there will be an orbital ship that will move over the surface of the Moon, a lunar rover and a landing craft that will safely land the rover on the surface.After its smooth lunar landing – an exciting first for India – the explorer will explore the lunar crust and mantle while the orbiter creates a "detailed three-dimensional map of the lunar surface", according to the ISRO.

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The ISRO will complete this ambitious project with a "reduced" budget of $ 93 million, according to Nature . This will make the success of the Indian Moon mission a lot more impressive.

ISRO also has other projects underway, working on "Aditya", a mission that aims to study the Sun, and "XPoSat", a 5-year satellite that will improve practical knowledge of But with luck, this next lunar launch will be completed within 14 days without any problem, the mission is a positive signal that more and more countries are investing in space exploration and improving our abilities to understand and travel to the cosmos.

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