Indiana Hoziers jump to AP Top 25 poll, Ohio State Buckeyes reach No. 3

Indiana jumped into the Associated Press college football poll on Sunday after the weekend’s most dramatic upset, and Ohio State peaked at No. 3 after the start of a major season.

Clemson remained a rock-solid No. 1, and Alabama was No. 2. The Tigers received 52 first-place votes and the Crimson Tide received the remaining 10.

Ohio State jumped two spots after easily dispatching Nebraska as the Big Ten closed its pandemic-delayed and brief season.

No. 4 Notre Dame and No. 5 Georgia each slipped one place behind the Buckeyes.

Indiana landed a stunner to jump up the rankings, and then defeated No. 8 Penn State to win their first win of the program since 1987 against the team that ranked in the AP Top 10. The Hoysiers ended their 25-year absence last season, but only stayed there for a week.

Indiana has its best ranking since 1993, when it also reached number 17. With the Rutgers coming in next week, the Hoosiers are likely to stay in the poll longer than last year. Then, the Scarlet Knights also won their opener.

Penn State slipped from 10 places to 18th after losing to the Hoziers for just the second time in 24 meetings since joining the Big Ten.


After their most impressive win of the Irish season fighting against Pittsburgh, Ohio State pushed Notre Dame forward.

Remember, the Buckeyes were ranked No. 2 in the preseason and close to No. 1 Clemson.

When the Big Ten postponed their fall season, Ohio State and the rest of the conference teams were disqualified to appear in the rankings. Then the Big Ten finally decided to play in the fall and those teams became eligible again. But some voters decided they would wait for the teams before considering until they joined.

It held the Buckeyes and some other Big Ten teams back for a few weeks. Now since all voters are Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan, et al. Those teams got an extra boost this week.

Wisconsin finished ninth with five votes counted, appearing on every ballot for the first time since returning to the polls three times. No. 13 Michigan also moved up five places, though the Wolverines got a bounce back from an impressive win in Minnesota.


Other teams going into the rankings this week are regulars.

– Number 24 Oklahoma comes back after three weeks. This is the longest period of elections that have not included the Sooners since 2009, when they were excluded from the final six top 25s.

– No. 25 Boise State made its season debut with the rest of the Mountain West Conference, and finished last in the rankings. The Broncos were last ranked in the final voting of the 2019 season. Boise State now tied with Southern California for seven straight-length active streaks, making at least one voting appearance in 19 straight seasons.


– Minnesota is out after being thrown at home by Michigan.

– The Atlantic Coast Conference, which had the most teams ranked last weekend, lost two on Sunday. Virginia Tech and North Carolina State both dropped out after losing for the second time this season.

Conference call

The only conference without representation in the top 25 is Central American, which does not start playing until November 4.

Big Ten – 5 (Nos. 3, 9, 13, 17, 18).

SEC – 4 (nos. 2, 5, 8, 10).

Acc – 4 (Nos. 1, 4, 12, 15).

Large 12 – 4 (Nos. 6, 16, 23, 24).

Pac-12 – 2 (No. 14, 21).

American – 2 (No. 7, 22).

C-USA – 1 (No. 19).

Mountain West – 1 (No. 25).

Sun Belt – 1 (No. 20).

Swatantra – 1 (Number 11).


Ohio State at No. 18 Ohio State. The Nittany Lions did not end what was set to be a top-10 matchup, but it is still the toughest game for the Buckeyes’ regular season.


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