Indian man throws acid on wife after Pulse refuses to rape her

According to reports, a gambler in India bathed his wife with acid because he refused to gang-rape his friends.

The UK Independent reported that the 36-year-old man had sent his 30-year-old wife of 10 years to rape her gambling trap several times since October.

Police officer Rajesh Kumar Jha told the news outlet, “If she ever resisted sexual abuse, her husband would beat her and take her hostage.”

The Times of India reported that on Saturday, the man threw acid on his wife, who managed to escape to her parents and took social worker Deepak Singh to the police station.

The next evening the husband was arrested.

Police told the news outlet, “The victim, while narrating her objection to the police officers, alleged that her husband used to physically harass her because she could not become a mother due to her husband’s alcoholism.”

The Independent reported that the husband has been charged with a number of charges including acid attack, gang rape, domestic violence and wrongful imprisonment.

The couple has not been named due to laws protecting the identity of victims of sexual offenses.

The report said that the news of the horrific crime came in the midst of a coronovirus lockdown period, which according to the National Commission for Women has almost doubled gender-based violence.

The Commission filed 587 domestic violence complaints in India between March 23 and April 16, a 45 percent spike between February 27 and March 22 for the last 25 days.


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