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Twenty-four years after Yes Bank, in public, said that the Bank of India had not found any divide in identifying a non-fulfillment fund for 2017-18, the bank reported Does the regulator have shown that he has revealed "loops and regulatory breach."

In its first-class recital, the RBI told Yes Bank that the risk assessment report had been a "secret" document and that the regulator had a " Look at publications made by the lender as a "one-off effort."

On Thursday, tell Bank Bank that the RBI had found that there was no division in bad loan in FY18. The stock came up and researchers believed that the worst was over for Yes Bank.

The very clear report from the RBI has come after two years of discharged in poorly damaged statements.

In FY16, after its first assessment, the RBI was bankrupt Bank has had bad loans at $ 4,176.70 a lot of crops; The total NPA total of 7 croft Rs 748.9 in the period.

Again, in FY17, the middle-class bank found the difference of the private lender at a broadcast of 6,355 crore, or three times the number of poor loans reported. Bank provided a sufficient number of NPAs at 2,018 crore in FY17, less than Rs 8,373.8 crore.

According to the RBI's guidelines, banking banks must show divisions if the additional supply requirements that are being assessed by the RBI exceed 15 per cent of net profits after taxes and / or additional NPAs what the RBI is doing? marks more than 15 per cent of the large scattered NPAs for the application period, or both.

For FY18, Yes Bank said there were no different levels in the classification of a lack of loan.

The RBI is now pushed to clarify its causes and its. distributing the content of the letter sent by its governor to stock exchange.

The full news journal Yes Bank is as follows:

In addition to the YES Bank Press Release dated 13 February 2019, which stated that the Bank's risk assessment review dated 12 February 2019 was published; issuing the NIL distributor, the Bank has received a letter from the Indian Backup Bank ("RBI") today, which states:

1. As the RAR report was marked as "secret", it was expected that part of the report and the information contained will only be distributed for the information in the form and manner of publication prescribed by the Regulations . So, the press release will divide confidentiality and its & # 39; breach of regulatory management. In addition, the NIL distribution is not being met and is not only compliant with the Content Identification and Asset Classes modes. The RAR also identifies a number of other problems and regulatory breakdown in different areas of activity; Bank and RBI seeks an effort to do so; public release on only one part of the RAR.

2. Therefore, the RBI has been a major contributor to the release of the press release and, It could include additional regulatory activity.

As is run by RBI, the content of the letter together is to be published to Stock Stocks. Thanks above on the table above

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