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Suniel Shetty and Zaheer Khan team up to launch Ferit Cricket Bash

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Ferit Cricket Bash (FCB) is a new and innovative game of 15 players in a parallel league.

New Delhi: Renowned Bollywood superstar and sports enthusiast Suniel Shetty, cricket legend Zaheer Khan and extraordinary investors Jasmeet Bhatia and Mitesh Sharma announced today the launch of Ferit Cricket Bash (FCB), India's first national cricket league for amateur cricketers. FCB will have 16 teams representing different regions of the country. The registration is open to players who are over 15 years old, and the best artists will be selected, subject to an intensive talent search in 22 cities. The league aims to discover the most talented and passionate amateur cricketers from across the country.

FCB is an exciting effort aimed at encouraging the nation's cricket fans to pursue their dreams of competitive play by providing them with a massive platform to showcase their talent. After two intense rounds of selection with several thousand aspiring cricketers in several cities of India, the 224 final players will be divided into 16 teams.

These teams, which will be guided by internationally renowned cricket legends and leading coaches from across India, will compete against each other in an exciting 15-on-one format. Each preselected player will receive a participation fee of lakh INR 1 along with exciting cash prizes for the winning teams. The 14 best FCB players will have the unique opportunity to represent the FCB All Stars team and to participate in a local tournament at club level in Australia.

The launch ceremony was organized by the master of ceremonies Gaurav Kapoor and featured some of the most iconic cricket names such as Zaheer Khan, Muttiah Muralitharan, Chris Gayle and Praveen Kumar. Industrialists Jasmeet Bhatia and Mitesh Sharma, co-founders and promoters of FCB, also stated that they would probably sign some more international cricket icons as mentors for the next season of FCB.

Suniel Shetty, co-founder of Ferit Cricket Bash said: "Films and cricket are two unifying factors in our country, and as a sports enthusiast, I am very excited to launch FCB in collaboration with Zaheer, Jasmeet and Mitesh. There is no shortage of passion for cricket in India, and it is almost a religion for us.

Even at my age, I look forward to the opportunity to play a game of cricket regardless of whether it is a film set or in the lane outside my home. Our effort with FCB is to bring together the 'ziddi & # 39; young and old on a national scale, and let the fervor of cricket take over.

Although FCB is for amateur cricketers, the joy and pride of representing your city or state will push you to make an extra effort, and that is the essence of what we are creating here. Cricket is a way of life for most of us, and the most passionate deserve the opportunity to know how it feels to live the game. "

Zaheer Khan, the Cricket legend and co-founder of FCB, said: "I started my journey among hundreds of other cricket enthusiasts, and most of us did not have anything, but our love for the game kept us going. It was the opportunities I had while participating in local tournaments in my country that later allowed me to represent my country. Therefore, I definitely realize the value of an opportunity given to amateur players, especially those with humble beginnings. It is possible that many passionate cricketers that we meet during our search do not aspire to become professional players, but FCB will not prevent them from fulfilling their desire to become part of a team, have their names on their shirts, play at Beautiful lands throughout India or that your friends and family support them, while the nation watches. That is the USP of FCB, and I am very proud to be associated with Suniel Anna, Jasmeet and Mitesh. I hope to encourage and engage with the most talented cricketers in India. "

Tavinderjit Singh Panesar, president of DSport Business, the official transmission partner of FCB, added: "Cricket is the most precious sport in India, the heart and dedication shown by the millions of amateur players in the country, whether in the ravines from Mumbai or in the fields.The idea of ​​FCB to support these amateur and talented cricketers in such a meaningful and exciting way is genuinely brilliant, and therefore we are excited to partner with stalwarts such as Suniel, Zaheer, Jasmeet and Mitesh. for this company, we are sure that the passion shown by these young people inside and outside the field will resonate with the public of all India. "

The Ferit Cricket Bash will take place in July / August 2019. However, the enrollment and the next selection process for Phase 1 will begin on December 20, 2018. If you have dreams of glory and spirit of cricket in your blood , be sure to log on to https://www.feritcricketbash.com/ or make a missed call at + 91-98710-63063.


Ferit Sports India Private Ltd. was founded by Jasmeet Bhatia and Mitesh Sharma with only one goal in mind: to give people the unique opportunity to practice sports competitively. The first season of the tournament is dedicated to the sport that is the vital line of our country, CRICKET. To take amateur cricket to India to the next level, Jasmeet and Mitesh have partnered with Bollywood superstar, sports entrepreneur and sports enthusiast Suniel Shetty and cricket legend Zaheer Khan to launch their first adventure, Ferit Cricket Bash ( FCB).

Ferit Cricket Bash (FCB) is a new and innovative league of 15 players. It allows amateur cricketers to play the game they love, with the bells and whistles of a tournament of international level. A unique league of Cricket, FCB is the only platform in India where amateur players have the opportunity to be advised by international cricketers such as Zaheer Khan, Muttiah Muralitharan, Chris Gayle and Praveen Kumar.


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