SBI launches a staff partnership program aimed at balancing work-life

The countries have the largest founder bank to embark on a large staff partnership program to ensure that 2.6 lakh-gryf workers work mechanically and is insufficiently motivated to take up newer challenges, the senior officer said.

The program, Nayi Disha, is the christening or the new route, which focuses on work-life balance and also; including family members in attendance, and also giving them the ability to contact their & # 39; bank if a worker can not leave work.

We realized that our staff, especially those in branches, started to work mechanically that could impact on customer service and also that the confidence, Prashant Kumar, deputy director and development chief executive, wants PTI over weekend time.

Earlier chairman, Arundhati Bhattacharya, had started a variety of pro-team measures to allow them to choose their place before they move both with his / her. banking, expanding a sick leave to meet in-health health needs, long pages to help their children in the tests among others.

He said the bank asked outside to plan the table, and started putting it forward in December with its # 39; lead guides, including Chairman of Rajnish Kumar.

There are more than 350 training staff who have access to all staff in the program, and # 39; The first major campaign that has been achieved by all staff over four years. They carry out sessions of five to six hours that will be a finishing with a team dinner with each other, Kumar said.

Half of the staff is already on the module and the program will be completed by March 15, in time to allow staff to focus on the heavy workforce finally the end of the fiscal year , he said.

At the end of the training model, the employee has a & # 39; Identify a commitment that is deducted from a bank value statement last year, promises to keep himself healthy, not to harm the environment, talk positively about his / her; Bank and go home for at least once a week.

Interestingly, his commitment card has a superb code and will send to senior staff about the employee who is in a position; spend a long time in work and as a result of a correction, Kumar said.

Not to mention a non-property asset; Achievement, Kumar said the banking department had a difficult time in the last two years that had an impact on staff and his / her. The bank also said it was essential to revitalize and prepare for the future.

Although he says that the worst are behind the bank, the employee is told about the business plan and also how banking is changing because of technology, which will affect their work too, he said.

The bank had already put pressure on the health pressures of staff and the need to maintain a lifestyle balance around a year ago, Kumar said, and added to her. This program makes it a strong need.

More than 27 per cent of SBI employees are women and the average age has now declined to 43, he said.

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