Google Pay has disappeared from the Apple App Store!

That’s itThe Google Pay app has disappeared from the Apple App Store. Google Pay disappeared from the Apple App Store last August as well. But was back within hours. Indications are that such a disappearance is still happening.

A Google spokesperson, who spoke with Gadget 360 at the same time, now explains Google’s part about the lack of Google Pay in the App Store. Google says it has temporarily withdrawn the app to fix some issues with the app in the App Store. The Android app is available for uninterrupted download on the Google Play Store.

A Google spokesperson said that some users who currently use Google Pay on iOS devices may be barred from making payments for some time. A Google spokesman said efforts were underway to bring Google Pay back to the App Store. Google also apologizes for the inconvenience caused to users.

A Google search for Apple Pay in the Apple App Store from India does not show any results. But sometimes Google Pay will show up in the recent update app list. But it is not open