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CAG lifts IAF by helicopter agreement

The Comptroller and the Auditor General in their report detained the Indian Air Force (IAF) to frame their service specifications in the tenders of heavy attack and cargo helicopters to adapt to the "products of a particular provider. " The IAF had chosen Chinook and Apache helicopters. of Boeing from an evaluation process. Deliveries will start this year.

The CAG also found in the audit that for the Apache attack helicopters, the United States government was supplying missiles from its actions whose "normal 10-year life has expired."

"The audit noted that in the case of the acquisition of Apache Attack Helicopters and Chinook Heavy Lift Helicopters, the qualitative requirements of air personnel (ASQR) were aligned with the products of a particular provider," said the federal auditor in the report presented in Parliament on Wednesday.

The report noted that IAF drafted the ASQR by copying the technical specifications of the products available in the market and also based on the inputs provided by the suppliers in response to the Request for information that was sent to them.

The Defense Acquisition Procedure (DPP) considers RFI as a process to gather information about the product and its suppliers in order to formulate broader requirements that could facilitate a more competitive and smoother bidding process, the report said. The audit found that in many cases the RFI process was used to "participate in consultations with one or two suppliers and modify the existing ASQR based on their comments".

Under the $ 3 billion agreement in September 2015, India had contracted 22 AH-64E Apache attack helicopters and 15 Boeing Chinook CH-47F helicopters through the United States Foreign Military Sales program. Deliveries will begin later this year and will be completed by mid-2020.

According to the specifications, the rockets and missiles for the Apache helicopters must have a minimum life of 10 years extendable to 20 years. The missiles would be delivered in 2018. "Therefore, the Ministry had acquired missiles that were between 14 and 16 years of age at the time of delivery," according to the report.

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