A new and a half foot drug & # 39; to kill cancer from inside

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New treatments that attack the inner tumor cells have been developed by scientists. (Source: Picture File)

There is a new drug in cancer that works as an overwhelming horse & # 39; Inside destruction from inside has shown promising results over six different types of fatal disease, saying science. In a patient with advanced cancer, who catches drugs, more than a quarter with cervical and bladder tunnels, and about 15 percent with ovarian and cotton doors, responded to the new medicine, researchers from the Institute Lochalsh Research in the UK.

The new innovative drug, known as tisotumab vedotin (TBh), leaves a compulsory material to kill cancer cells from inside.
The results, published in The Lancet Oncology, are so positive and the drug has now moved to Level II examinations in crude cancer and will be proven in a range of cansens of additional illness. Researchers conducted a global clinical case of almost 150 patients with different types of cancer that had stopped dealing with normal medicines. They found that a significant number of cancer patients responded to the drug, with their towers; downturn or stop; grow.

Researchers found responses in 27 per cent of patients with bladder cancer, 26.5 per cent with cervical cancer, 14 per cent of cervical cancer, 13 per cent with antagonal, 13 per cent with lungs without small and seven percent losses with endometrial cancer.

Researchers responded to an average of 5.7 months, and up to 9.5 months in some patients. The television is made up of compulsory drugs linked to an antibody tail head. It is designed to have a maker called a heating factor & # 39; to find – at the moment at high levels on the surface of many cancer cells and associated to be worse. Connection to a pull-in factory The drug is inside the cancer cells, where it can kill inside.

The test first started for 27 patients to assess the safety and proper delay, before it was extended to 120 other patients, especially if the drug was infected. hitting the right target but also what effect was it; tumors.
Most patients in the early diagnosis of advanced advanced cancer (dispersed locally or around their body) were already being treated, and that it was against her case, an average of three types of medicine. TB is now tested in other types of cancer, including calin, pancreatic, squamous cell lungs and head and muscle, as well as being in a Second II course as a second-line cure for criminating cancer.

"It's so exciting about this healing that his approach is completely new – he works as a Trojan horse to enter into cancer cells and kill it from inside," said Professor Johann de Bono, professor of Cancer Research Institute. "Our early study shows that it is capable of dealing with a large number of different types of cancer, and in particular some of the low levels will remain," said De Bono.

"Television has a bad impact, and we have seen some good responses in patients in our test, and all of them were cancerous, which was treated most by other drugs and had to go out of other options, "he said.

Researchers have already begun additional exams of the drug in different types of tumors and second-line cure for crude cancer, where response rates were particularly high. They are also a test development to give patients the most likely answer.

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