India says ‘no change on ground still’ after agreeing to Border Two and Border Fight

India and China may have joined hands with Moscow in their plan to end their long-running border dispute, but their respective troops are not standing down.

As the days passed, Indian Army spokesman Colonel Aman Anand told Newsweek “There is no change on the ground yet” on Friday that the world’s two largest terrorists were face to face in the Himalayas.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar met for nearly two-and-a-half hours at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s meeting in Moscow, which the two sides later described as “frank and constructive discussion” to ease tensions . Election of the Line of Actual Control.

The two later issued a joint communiqué for a five-point plan, which includes renewed confidence to forge bilateral relations, pull back troops, follow existing agreements, continue regional dispute resolution negotiations and avoid future incidents There was a call to establish construction measures.

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Wang emphasized the urgency of the case in a separate statement issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

“Wang outlined China’s stern position on the situation in the border areas, insisting that firing and other dangerous actions violating commitments for firing are immediately halted.” “It is also important to transfer all personnel and equipment back to those who have trespassed.”

“Frontier troops should disband quickly so that the situation worsens,” he said.

A fighter plane of the Indian Air Force flies jointly from Leh’s airbase, the joint capital of the region central to the Ladakh border. On 9 September, both India and China have advanced aerial military activity in their respective territories that cross the disputed border. Actual control
Mohammad Arhan Arkar / AFP / Getty Images

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The demarcated borders of China and India, including the separation of the former West Aksai China and the eastern Ladakh of the latter, have been a cause of prolonged trouble and were once the scene of war between the two in 1962. The feuds of 2017, but the latest five-month clashes have escalated over decades.

Since May, the two sides have accused each other of trying to cross their disputed border, and in June, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a fight allegedly carrying a handheld weapon and an unknown number of Chinese personnel died. The revaluation took place in July and a new confrontation in late August again sidelined both sides.

Anand told Newsweek At the time when there was “no physical skirmish” between Chinese and Indian soldiers. However, reports soon surfaced as an ethnic Tibetan member of India’s Special Frontier Force who was killed in a mine blast. Exiled member in Tibetan Parliament Laghiri Namgyal Dolkar identified the deceased Newsweek Nyima Tenzin as an officer of the company.

As the flare threatens to escalate the two armed forces, the SCO summit organized by Russia proved to be an outlet for both sides, which sent its defense chiefs and senior-most diplomats to speak in the past week.

Even they prepared for it and even conducted these discussions, however, both China and India gave a huge boost to their armed forces and their desire to protect the sovereignty of their respective nations. And emphasized competence.

Fighter jets from both sides have been spotted in elevation areas near their contested range, as other equipment. The People’s Liberation Army of China has conducted a series of exercises debating new artillery and rocket launchers and has recently demonstrated new drones that allow soldiers stationed at high altitude positions in harsh conditions as winter approaches Are able to supply.

On the sidelines, another major electricity watch with interest.

US officials have decisively favored India, seeing the Chinese move here last week as part of Chinese Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo called “a deep desire for a hegemonic regime worldwide”. Officials in Washington and New Delhi on Friday discussed a range of issues, including efforts to counter recent disastrous action in South Asia and the wider Indo-Pacific region.

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Personnel from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Tibet Military Command carry a national flag as they train for high-altitude mountain expeditions in this video shared on September 11. The PLA is the largest military in the world and a recent report also eclipsed the United States in three major categories.
Tibet Military Command / Chinese People’s Liberation Army

Beijing has repeatedly rejected Washington’s comments on Chinese territorial disputes in this strategic area, including Hong Kong, Taiwan and the South China Sea.

Addressing Pompeo’s call for Southeast Asian countries to reconsider trade with Chinese state-owned businesses on Thursday, he accused the ruling Communist Party, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, of fully operating And said in a press briefing on Friday that it is the “day” of the top US diplomat. The act of lying about China. ”

But Australia and Japan are also involved due to the US-India partnership as part of the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” group, with China maintaining close ties with another country locked in a deadly border dispute with India. After speaking with Jaishankar, Wang met Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Thursday.

The State Department spokesman said that Pakistan is an important part of the Multibillion-Dollar Belt and Road Initiative Newsweek Last month promotes Beijing’s “hunter lending practices”. Yet Pakistan continues to increase its economic relations with China. The two countries agreed to deepen their ties on Thursday.

Wang vowed to boost security cooperation with Pakistan, a country identified by the Pentagon’s recent China Military Strength Report as “potentially considered” for the People’s Liberation Army Logistics Centers.

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A map shows a selected series of China’s territorial disputes in the region as of 1 January.
US Department of Defense