India rape: 86-year-old woman arrested in Delhi for alleged rape

The woman was outside her home in a village in the Indian capital Delhi on Monday evening, when Additional Deputy Commissioner of Delhi Police RP Meena allegedly approached a 32-year-old man named Sonu.

Meena told CNN on Thursday, “The accused asked him to ask for his money back on his two-wheeler (vehicle) with the man he had with an older woman, so they would have sympathy.” .

Neighbors heard the woman screaming for help and called police. Meena said that the accused was arrested at the scene and arrested for rape and was hurt voluntarily.

According to Meena, the woman did not know the accused and the police do not believe that the crime was pre-planned. He said the woman sustained minor injuries during the struggle and was discharged from the hospital as she is in stable condition.

Under Indian law, rape carries a possible sentence of life imprisonment. The death penalty is also available to rape offenders, gang rapists or those convicted of raping a minor.

After 7 years of bus rape and murder, shock to the world, attackers hanged in New Delhi

The case has drawn anger from the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), a statutory body that has investigated safety and security issues related to women.

On Wednesday, DCW wrote a letter to the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi – the city’s constitutional head – asking them to fast-track the case and ensure that the accused gets the harshest possible punishment.

DCW chief Swati Maliwal alleged that the 86-year-old was assaulted and raped several times, although police have not confirmed those details.

“The woman’s medical examination report revealed numerous injuries and injuries on her body, especially on her personal organs,” the letter said. “She is very badly scorched and is in extreme shock,” he said.

India has seen a number of high-profile rape cases in recent years, including the rape and murder of a 23-year-old student in a New Delhi bus in 2012 that made international headlines. Earlier this year, four men were killed to his death.

After that case, campaigners called for strict laws on sexual harassment in the country. Despite reforms – which included fast-track courts to rapidly transfer cases of rape through the justice system – the number of reported rapes has risen since 2012.

Last year, according to the National Crime Records Bureau of India, more than 33,000 cases of alleged rape were reported – 91 cases approximately every day, or one rape every 16 minutes.

Maliwal told CNN on Thursday that, after the 2012 gang rape, a law was passed stating that if for any reason a police officer refuses to file a rape complaint, a complaint is filed against him. Can go, which was probably one of the reasons behind it. Increase in reported rape.

However, she admitted that the level of cruelty in sexual violence offenses had increased over the years.

“This is one of the worst crimes I’ve committed in the last five years,” she said, referring to the alleged rape of the 86-year-old rapist.

He said strong laws were not enough if they were not implemented properly, if they were not implemented properly – and he said that there had been several reports of sexual violence from women during the past few months.

Maliwal said, “(sexual violence offenses) are definitely not decreasing and there is no point in detaining criminals without ensuring timely punishment by the government.”