India flew a satellite. Now a "space fence" is tracking its debris

Demonstration of explosives

Last month, India demonstrated its capabilities as a space nation and generated international criticism when it used a missile to blow up one of its own satellites.

The launch coincided with Lockheed Martin's test run of a new space monitoring technology called the Space Fence, which can detect and track any unregistered objects that orbit the Earth. According to Space newsIt was a stroke of luck that could mitigate the damage to people and equipment in space.

Stake fence

The explosion of the satellite essentially turned the satellite into a cloud of space debris, which in the future could collide with other satellites, scientific instruments or astronauts in orbit around the Earth. Do you remember the "gravity"?

"It turns out that we woke up during a stress test and we were very excited to see that the system worked nominally," said Matthew Hughes, business development manager at Lockheed Martin, Space news. "The space fence has to do with the ability to identify ruptures, maneuvers, closely spaced objects, proximity operations, new foreign launches."

While Space Fence is not a real block in space, it can at least help officials prepare and plan collisions.

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