India and Pakistan border clash as China looms heavily

India is engaged in a new conflict with Pakistan over its long disputed border, while it is locked in another deadlock on its border with China, one that threatens to spark a new regional conflict in Asia.

Early Friday, Indian Army reported Newsweek That “Pakistan launched an unrecoverable ceasefire violation with mortar and other weapons attack in Kanzalwan village in Gurez sector of Bandipora State, located on the Line of Control (LoC) dividing the two rivals in Kashmir”.

There was a trend of official communication from India.

“The response is being responded to,” the military said.

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There are reports of a recurring exchange in the stressed area, including an incident two days ago. An Islamic official said Islamabad accused New Delhi of confrontation, saying that in both cases “the Indian Army resorted to unequal fire in the Nekrun sector, targeting military outposts and civilians across the Line of Control.” Newsweek.

“These unilateral incitements were responded to [to] appropriately [the] Pakistan Army, “the official said.

“The Indian Army constantly targets the civilian population across the LoC while they are busy with routine tasks,” the official said. “Such unprofessional and immoral activities are admitted by accusations of sponsoring terrorism across the LOC.”

India, security, Kashmir, protest, Srinagar
A member of the Indian security forces guards on 17 September during a clash between protesters and government forces in the Battamalu area of ​​Srinagar, India-administered Kashmir. Indian officials have been battling riot meetings of hundreds of angry residents in the wake of the shelling. Three suspected rebels left and killed a young woman, as well as worsening unrest with Pakistani and Chinese forces on two separate fronts.

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The Pakistani Foreign Ministry on Thursday also accused India of injuring three civilians in the Andhrala Male village from across the border against the Hotsring and Jandrot sectors. A senior Indian diplomat was allegedly summoned in response to the incident, which the ministry argued was to distract from the deteriorating humanitarian and security situation in India-administered Kashmir.

The region has been in an effective position since August last year, when a constitutional change removed the semi-autonomous status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and was flooded with paramilitary forces. The rest of the state hosts a rebellion accusing New Delhi of supporting Islamabad, resulting in several infiltration attempts and street fighting.

Such confrontations have often proved controversial.