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In today’s media availability, Drs. Teresa Frankovich, Humboldt County health officer, took on a myriad of questions – half an hour’s worth – from local journalists on various aspects of the county over the COVID-19 epidemic – testing, reopening schools, contact tracing. The efficacy of cannabis as a cure – but at the moment – began with a brief statement about the particular dangers of traveling out of the county (or in travel).

Below: In the video above, Dr. Frankovich has been asked questions from the local media.


1. About 100 residents of the isolated community of Shelter Cove were tested for COVID-19 on Monday. What protocols will be established if a large percentage of those tests return positive?

2. Yesterday, the county announced that they would be tripling the test capability here locally with a machine that would allow you to run up to 250 test samples a day. With current issues about test availability, scheduling an appointment, staffing issues, etc… would it be possible for public health to collect multiple samples per day? How will this new testing capability affect test times?

3. Yesterday it was announced that Humboldt County has tripled its testing capacity. Does this mean that the turnaround time for the test results will be quicker? If yes, for how many days?

4. There is a factor for the alert level for all to rise and the “prevalence of disease” is currently at three; Which is the metric that moves from “high burden”, “high load”, “spread” to “wide spread” and “few outbreaks” to “multiple outbreaks”?

5. Now at ‘Level 3’, at what point will Humboldt County have to roll-back upon reopening?

6. On the new county dashboard, can you tell what the epidemiological curve by episode graph / data represents? And what does this data mean compared to our total case count that is documented each day? How do both numbers reflect the spread of the virus in Humboldt County?

7. According to the Humboldt County Dashboard, 0% of our black community members have tested positive for the virus. is it true? Can you guess why?

8. Inviting tourists to come to the area using social media with the City of Eureka and an upcoming street art festival with artists from outside, What County and Drs. Frankovich is now welcoming visitors to Humboldt County? Previously, tourism was discouraged. How does it differ from upcoming sports teams?

9. Yesterday, the Fortuna Unified High School District Board, with the support of a poll where 55% of parents agreed, voted against the teachers union recommendation to resume in individual classrooms. Can you discuss your concerns, if any? And recommendations if you will be asked? Are there some strategies that can be used to reduce viral transmission if they return individually as planned? ”

10. And finally, if you can, what does the current science offer that talks about the effects that not happening in school will have on children and the necessary workforce?

11. How can an elderly COVID patient who is hospitalized and advised to remain isolated at home, be safely taken care of?

12. Can a person negative for COVID be in the same house when a person is positive for COVID? how?

13. What about traveling to care for a loved one? (IE Hospital says they are going to release my grandparents from the hospital to self-isolate at home, but they have no caretaker (no meds to administer, Rx Pick up, get him food / groceries etc.). So what happens when there are no nearby relatives to help the patient? Can someone travel to his county to take care of him?

14. Does the mask / face coverings improve respiratory conditions when smoke from forest fires is present?

15. Has anyone been exposed to any place of worship in Humboldt County or contracted Covid-19?

16. Are health officials monitoring places of worship compared to other places that are certified to be open?

17. How big is the contact tracing team for Humboldt County?

18. Publications such as Forbes have released articles that claim cannabis helps prevent and treat COVID19. Do you know what you can share about viruses and marijuana?

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