In one year, Kovid-19 cases have reached every American county

A year ago, health officials first confirmed the US Kovid-19 case in Snohomish County, Wash., Near Seattle. Less than 11 months later, the virus reached an isolated aerial enclave, which was established more than a century ago for leprosy patients, now known as Henson’s disease.

It is the last county in America to file a coronovirus case, according to a Wall Street Journal review of state records and data collected by Johns Hopkins University.

Since the first reported case, Kovid-19 raced around the US, infecting at least 24 million Americans and killing more than 400,000. The virus spread from large cities to thin rural populations, before reaching even the most remote areas, who labored to keep the virus at bay.

To identify the last of more than 3,000 counties touched by the virus, the Journal reviewed data from Johns Hopkins and individual states to verify that Kovid-19 reached 48 infectious states and each county in Hawaii has gone. Alaska does not have formal counties, but its dashboard of coronavirus data shows cases in all areas of the state and census tracts for which the state is reporting.

During the year, the roster of hardest-hit counties typically migrated from population to smaller ones before the current winter boom.


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