In October, leaker John Processor claims iPhone 12 and new iPad

Leaker John Prosser, who has a somewhat mixed record when it comes to predicting Apple’s plans, Where today That the new iPhone 12 models and new iPads will launch in October.

Many rumors have suggested that some models of the 12 iPhones coming this year will be seen later than the normal launch. Apple usually unveils and releases new iPhones in the month of September, but manufacturing has been delayed due to problems caused by the global health crisis.

Just today, Qualcomm insisted that one of its 5G partners would see a “slight” launch delay, a statement in which it most likely refers to Apple. Apple plans to use Qualcomm’s 5G chips in the all-new 2020 iPhone model.

So far, we don’t know exactly how long iPhones will be, but Apple may unveil new devices in September and then release them later, as it did with the iPhone XR in 2018. October is a relatively safe guess, as Qualcomm suggested the delay won’t be too long, and other rumors have also pointed to the October launch.

Prosser did not divulge how the iPad models would look refreshed, but some rumors suggesting the iPad Pro with a mini-LED display are working, although most information suggests the launch has been delayed until 2021 .

The iPad was updated earlier this year, but Apple has not yet updated the iPad mini, iPad Air, or low-cost iPad, so all of them may see minor changes.

Some specific rumors are suggesting that Apple is working on an 11-inch iPad Air with an all-screen display and under-display Touch ID, and if accurate, it will be the most notable ‌iPad ‘refresher on the horizon.

Prosser has accurately predicted some of Apple’s launch plans, but has also shared misinformation such that Apple plans to rename the ‌iPhone to “iPhoneOS” and provide fake images of wireless charging mats like AirPower. Some of his claims have also become somewhat apparent, such as the suggestion that Apple is working on a set of legacy versions of Steve Jobs, Apple specs modeled after the specs that Jobs wore.

Earlier this week, the processor said Apple would launch a new iMac in August.


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