In-game team uniforms will debut at the Overwatch World Cup


Blizzard is debuting its Overwatch spectating overhaul on Nov. 3 and 4 at the Overwatch World Cup, but before it begins, the developer is sharing how it all came together.

In a video posted to Twitter on Nov. 1, Blizzard shared a video, Behind the Scenes: Evolving Overwatch Esports, that details the developmental process. Among the technical talk of putting together the spectator improvements, there’s a glimpse into a really exciting feature—in-game team uniforms.

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Home | Image via Blizzard Entertainment
Away | Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Gone are the days of the red and blue teams wearing Overwatch’s standard skins. For Overwatch esports—and starting with the Overwatch World Cup—teams will wear organization-branded skins in-game. The “home” team will wear vibrant colors, while the “away” team is relegated to light colors. Spectators no longer have to rely only on a red or blue outline to differentiate teams: With just a glance, spectators should be able to tell who is who.

These colors are also reflected in the user interface displayed in a certain perspective. If the observer is watching a player for Sweden, the interface will be overwhelmingly blue. When the observer switches to the away team, the interface will adjust accordingly. The specialized coloring includes the blasts emitted from a hero’s weapon, too.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The video also details the other features Blizzard revealed in its Oct. 26 Developer Update. A top-down view for broadcasters will also debut at the Overwatch World Cup, as well as a third-person smart camera. Likewise, a tournament interface will be used to knock out human error.

The Overwatch World Cup begins Nov. 3 with the United Kingdom against Sweden. Tournament play continues into Nov. 4, where a champion will be named.

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