In almost all of the state of Illinois, almost all of these devices have been recorded, and you are still using Big Tech in Boing Boing.

This week, the Illinois Senate destroyed the Internet Device Security Law: it would have allowed people to manufacture it if it were a device that made remote recordings without notifying its owner.

The Senate was very present in the trade groups led by the Internet Association, groups that represented Microsoft, Google and Amazon (all of them make creepy surveillance "smart speakers" that have on the network, always on microphones that manufacturers claim that are under the control of the user)), and the bill to make it effectively useless.

Under the simplified bill that was approved by the Senate, Illinois residents who have been registered in an unsystematic way by their devices can notify the state's attorney general, who then decides whether to investigate.

He is in the Illinois House of Representatives now, and is unlikely to regain his original and strong language.

In the original form of the bill, the Illinois Attorney General's office could carry fines or up to $ 50,000. But after technology trade badociations, led by the Internet Association objected, they declared that the definition of the status of "digital device" was too broad, and that the Law would lead to "private litigation that could lead to litigation frivolous clbad action ", was reduced

In its current form, neutralized, the bill grants exclusive authority to the Attorney General to enforce the Law, which means that regular citizens can present a case related to the technological giants that register them in their homes.

Big Tech Lobbying Bill that would prohibit you from recording without consent [Rob Dozier/Motherboard]

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