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Impressive NASA photo shows a blue sand dune on Mars, the red planet

The NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) shows a turquoise blue dune on Mars.

NASA / JPL-Caltech / Arizon Univ.

NASA recently published a photo of a large dune of blue sand on Mars that shows "a more complex structure" than the dunes that surround it.

The striking image of the turquoise blue dune on the Red Planet was captured on January 24 by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter camera, managed by the University of Arizona, Tucson. The dune was discovered in the region of the Lyot Crater of Mars. The researchers suspect that it could be made of finer material than the nearby dunes, according to a press release. MRO, which exploded in space in 2005, is studying the history of water on Mars.

NASA's Mars Curiosity rover has previously shown that Mars is home to sand dunes the size of soccer fields and small sand waves.

The planet is currently battling a massive sandstorm that has silenced NASA's Opportunity rover. NASA's Curiosity rover, which has not been affected, continues to collect data, and even posed for a dusty "selfie".

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