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Immigration application under Trump: Fewer people trapped on the border, more detained inside the US UU

After 10 months of intensified immigration under President Trump and a wave of arrests across the country, the head of Immigration and Customs promised on Tuesday that the agency will become even more aggressive next year.

Thomas Homan, interim director of ICE, said he wants to dramatically increase the targeting of companies that hire immigrants who entered the country illegally, as well as launch community raids to catch those people in the so-called sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with your agency. [19659002] Homan dismissed the complaints of immigration advocates about the retreat of Obama administration policies that had led to a sharp drop in arrests within the country. Immigrants who received final orders of deportation can become targets, he said, even if they have lived in the United States for years or have children who are US citizens.

"Those days are over," Homan told reporters about the administration's execution record. "We're going to execute those final orders [deportation] because if we do not do it, there's no integrity in the system."

Since Trump took office, after a campaign based primarily on the promise of ending immigration illegality, the effect of the stricter approach is now clear in the application statistics.

The number of people arrested at the southwest border in fiscal year 2017, which ended on September 30, decreased by 25% compared to the previous year to 310,531, the lowest since 1971. The reduction mainly tracks an trend in recent years of fewer immigrants from Mexico.

The number of border arrests plummeted as soon as Trump took office. They began to resurface in recent months as more children and families resumed the walk from the Central American countries.

The decrease in apprehensions on the border shows "the effectiveness of the Trump presidency," White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters. But, he added, despite the decrease in illegal crossings, "the need for the border wall and border security … still stands."

Homan and Ronald Vitiello, interim chief of the Border Patrol, said the sharp crash at the illegal border crossing is no reason to reject Trump's promise to build a wall across hundreds of miles of the southwest border.

"We are still arresting almost 1,000 people a day at the border, mainly in the southwest," Vitiello said.

Immigration arrests in the interior of the country have increased by 40% this year, the result, said Homan, of Trump's tough approach. Under President Obama, internal arrests declined steadily as the administration implemented policies under which people who did not commit other crimes were not subject to deportation.

In the last fiscal year, ICE arrested 105,736 people in the US. UU Unlawfully they also had criminal convictions, an increase of 12% over the previous year. But arrests of people without criminal convictions have more than doubled in the last year, to more than 37,000.

"It's easy, when you go from zero to 100, you're going to see an increase," Homan said. "This president, like him or loves him, is doing the right thing."

About 8% of the total are alleged collateral arrests of immigrants trapped when ICE agents were looking for someone else.

Homan was unapologetic and said that most of those cases occurred in the so-called sanctuary cities, when agents searched for people who had been released from jails despite ICE requests.

"There are definitely reprisals" for sanctuary policies, said Erika Almiron, executive director of Juntos, an immigration rights group in Philadelphia. The policy of that city not to cooperate with ICE has repeatedly attracted attacks from the Trump administration.

"The raids have become more aggressive," he said. "They're going to people's houses taking everyone's fingerprints, and practically taking them all out of the house." The agents told the immigrants that the raids were related to the city's sanctuary policies, he said.

Next year, Homan said he wants a fourfold increase in compliance operations in the workplace.

An example, he said, was a recent paperwork audit at a Chicago bakery that supplied McDonald's bagels that resulted in the layoff of 800 workers. The agency will consider the application against employers and workers, he said.

"We have to get rid of these magnets for immigration," he said.

The intensified arrests are still much less draconian than Trump's promise last year: a massive and immediate effort to target the approximately 11 million people living illegally in the country.

In general, deportations dropped 6% this year, from 240,255 to 226,119. One reason for that, officials said, was the abrupt drop in border arrests.

Trump also promised to hire another 5,000 Border Patrol agents to reinforce border security.

But the Border Patrol has had problems improving The current number of agents, 19,437, is about 400 less than the agency last year.

With illegal border crossings, spending money on new agents and costly border barriers makes no sense "These figures show that Border Patrol agents are stopping, on average, one or two people per month," said Adam Isacson, Director of Defense Supervision of the Washington Office for Latin America. "Where is the urgent need to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to further expand this agency?"

The Border Patrol said assaults on its officers increased by 40% to 847 during the year. Part of the increase is explained by the new reporting procedures, but the agency says the border has become more violent as criminal cartels have a growing role in smuggling people.

At the same time, stricter policies on the use of force and greater responsibility has helped to reduce the shootings by the agents. Authorities reported 17 shootings by Border Patrol officers last year, 69% less than the peak of 55 in 2012. The use of Taser and other "less lethal" tactics has increased.


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UPDATES: [19659002] 3:10 pm: This article was updated with details of the ICE report and the reaction of immigration advocates.

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