IMDB poll reveals 2021’s most anticipated video game

The media database website IMDB releases a survey of the most anticipated video games of 2021, with some results that may surprise fans.

In just one month in 2021, the video game industry saw impressive releases such as Hitman 3 And Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game Complete Edition. However, there are many more releases on the horizon, many of which are highly anticipated. The online media database IMDB has released the results of a fan survey of the most anticipated video game of 2021 and some of the results may be surprising to fans.

Included in last year’s IMDB poll for the most anticipated video game for 2020 Cyberpunk 2077 Top of the list, with multiple Game Award winners Our last part 2 Coming in second Ghost of tushima Coming in third, and Marvel’s Avengers Coming in fourth. While anticipation for Cyberpunk 2077 And Marvel’s Avengers While the releases of both games were disappointing for many fans. Expectedly, the most anticipated sports promotion of 2021 will live on, based on the IMDB poll.

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The poll had 1,507 fan votes this year, with a large percentage of one vote. PlayStation exclusive God of War: Ragnarok Has been voted the most awaited video game of 2021 with 360 votes. While not much is known about the sequel to the hit 2018 game God of warThe events within the title and a short teaser trailer have generated a lot of excitement Ragnarok. While developer Santa Monica Studios has promised a 2021 release date, the trailer or lack of announcements may indicate God of War: Ragnarok Released later than expected.

Kratos and Atrius

Another PlayStation special is another takeaway, Horizon: The Forbidden West, With 199 votes. As a sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn, Forbidden west Was announced in June 2020, with an extensive cinematic trailer, and is expected to be released in Q21 or Q4 of 2021. Coming in third place is the highly anticipated installment Quite different Chain, Far Cry 6, With 115 votes.

Is after the top three spots Hogwarts legacy At number four, Resident evil village Number five, and Diablo 4 At number six. whereas Hogwarts legacy Delayed on January 13, 2022 Resident evil village And Diablo 4 Still expected to be released sometime this year. Surprisingly, the highly anticipated title Gotham Nights, Hello infinite, And The Lord of the Rings: Golam, Placed seventh, eighth and ninth respectively.

Some of the more amazing entries include Ratchet and Clank: Apart from a rift On the 18th, which received positive fan reception for the announcement trailer and the gameplay demo trailer. Other entries that are surprisingly low ranked Medium, Which got only five votes, and The return, Which received only three votes.

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Source: IMDB

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