I’m Woman is a Beautiful, Authentic Story About Fame, Love, and Motherhood

Thanks to the actual footage from the women’s movement in the 70s – which is timely, it’s terrible – the film holds additional significance. Says Moon, “Using real footage from that time not only creates feelings for people, but it also gives more importance to Helen’s story in terms of what is happening in the world.” As women stand on the shoulders of decisions made before us, I hope that young women are motivated to learn more about what happened then and why thoughtful changes are necessary now. ”

It is also that Reddy’s talent, spirit, and fearlessness required choosing the right person. Moon says that he and the producer team searched five countries for the right actor, and ironically, Kohm-Hervé (Nani is known for playing at the rally) Hotel Mumbai) Was not even on the initial casting list. Once Moon was shown a picture of Kohm-Hervé, he immediately noticed a resemblance to Reddy, but it wasn’t until they recognized that Moon knew they had found the right person for the role .

“Tilda has the same background as Helen,” Moon says. “She grew up with parents who were artists and in the industry, so she had a showbiz life like Helen. He too had just gone through the process of going to LA. [from her native Australia] And was chasing her dreams, so there were a lot of similarities. “

Daniel Macdonald plays Helen’s good friend and famous rock journalist Lillian Roxan. (Pictured with Tilda Cobham-Hervé)
Lisa Tomasetti

But the similarities aside, stepping into the role was terrible for Kohm-Hervé, who had voice classes, breathing lessons, singing lessons and movement classes to play Reddy for several months. Kohm-Hervey told me, “After watching all of Helen’s performances and then reading everything I could about her, I slid down this big YouTube hole.” “I got this role when I was 22 years old and living in Adelaide. Here I was being asked to play this international superstar and it felt absurd. ”

She continues, “It’s a huge responsibility, but also very exciting. I think I almost fell in love with Helen. She became my hero because she worked as a female artist and a woman. I questioned my experience, and how I want to find my voice and speak my mind. I am incredibly grateful for that.

As for Cobham-Hervey’s singing voice in the film, the actor says he sang the filmed days live, but singer Chelsea Collins sang Cobain-Hervey’s performance and found Helen’s voice just right. “I wish I could say it was [all] Mine, “says Cobham-Hervé,” but Chelsea is a gorgeous, amazing artist, so it was an amalgamation of both of our voices. “