‘I’m told they have dogs’: Shannon Sharpe ridicule Clippers’ Qui Leonard and Paul George for Game 6 defeat vs. Nugget

FS1 Undisputed Talk Show Host and Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharp called the ‘Dogs’ in the Clippers team after their Game 6 loss.

Shannon is a well known Lebron Steyn and thus, has been transformed into a Lakers fan for 2 years now. In virtually the same way that the person across him on Skipless, he never misses an opportunity to ridicule James’ convicts and opponents.

Sharp’s presence in the undisputed show makes it a good balance between the pair. Skipp and Shannon have great chemistry on the show.

Shannon Sharp makes fun of ‘dogs’ at Clippers after loss of game

Sharp had a field day, as the Clippers gained 19 points to lose the game by a margin of 13 points in the 3-quarter. This 32 point turnaround came from the Nuggets and the stone cold from the Clippers range on some exquisite offense backs.

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Shannon’s Jubilee is heavily warranted in the Clippers’ second half. Many, including experts, had the Clippers’ peg as a superior Los Angeles team.

This is despite the fact that the Lakers have 2 of the greatest postseason scorers of all time in Eddie and LeBron.

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Whoever wins the Game 7 between the Clippers and the Nuggets will enter the conference finals as a heavy underdog. The Lakers have thus reduced the work of both of their playoff opponents.