‘I’m in complete shock’: Chef reacts to a burning three-Michelin-star Nappa restaurant


On Monday, some structures in the luxury resort Medowood Napa Valley succumbed to the flames of the raging glass fire, which now exceeds 42,000 acres in Sonoma and Napa counties. St. Helena Resort’s three-Michelin-starred restaurant in Medellwood, as well as the Grill on Meadowood and a golf shop, were all destroyed in the fire. Hearing the news shared by Meadow’s Executive Chef Christopher Costo, chefs and restaurateurs locally and nationwide expressed their condolences.

“The heartbreaking loss of an iconic, lavish resort in Napa,” wrote Dominic Crayne, the chef-owner of San Francisco’s Atelier Crane and the only female chef in America to get three Michelin stars on Instagram. He said: “We at Nappa / Sonoma wish for fire fighting people and protection for all … and let’s get up .. Climate change is real … the planet is burning …”

Mourad Lahaulu, chef-owner of Maurad, San Francisco, shared a similar sentiment: “My heart is broken. Another icon collapses. So many dreams. So many things. My brother @ckostow, his team, and the whole @atherestaurantmw family. . ” Words cannot adequately express my sorrow and heartbreak. You will rise again; He is certain. ”

Many Bay Area chefs have worked with Chef Christopher Costo and the Meadowd team over the years, including Brown Sugar Kitchen’s Tanya Holland, who shared photos from a memorable night at the restaurant.

“How is it possible that @meadowoodnapavalley is gone?” Holland wrote on Instagram. “I am forever grateful to @ckostow and the team for an incredible night of hospitality and delicious memories.”

But Meadowood’s dedicated fanbase extends beyond just the Bay Area. Momofuku and television personality founder David Chang shared his grief as he listened to the news on Twitter.

“Chef Costo is a visionary and helps build a magical restaurant,” wrote Chang. “One of the best people in the world and devoted so many years to building a plains building. Incredibly sad. F2020.”

Jeremiah Stone and Fabian von Hauske Waltiera, New York City’s Wildeurs and the chefs behind Contra also expressed their support and appreciation for Meadowood.

“I’m in complete shock. Meadowood is burning,” wrote Stone on Instagram. “An iconic place where it felt like anything could be fixed. We were originally asked to go from a three-star restaurant one night and flee to Meadowd for refuge. The team [is] What really define[s] Welcome. ”

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