“I’m a dermatologist with hyperpigmentation – here’s how I keep my skin tone”

Photo Credit: Fatima Fahs

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Dermatologists prescribe products to their patients throughout the day, but have you ever wondered who they personally use? Welcome to Derm diary, A chain where Dermatologists share their skin whites and solutions – so you can steal secrets from their skincare routine.

The dermatologist at Michigan, Fatima Fahs, MD, took a sharp turn in the trajectory of her career path when she decided to switch from art school to dermatology. “I love the anatomical aspect of dermatology, whether it is a stunning eye for identifying clinical clues on the skin or enhancing one’s natural features.”

Dr. Fahs has a combination skin, but he says the main struggle to this day has always been hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. “Due to my olive skin tone, my skin is left behind by black marks after any injury – including acne.” Even though she grew up, she never actually saw a dermatologist until she arrived in dermatology school. Dr. “I was a sucker for infomercial acne subscription kits, hard scrubs, and even tanning to remove the stench from my mouth,” Fahs confesses. “Needless to say, all these things didn’t work and it wasn’t until I got into dermatology that I realized how hyperpigmentation can be prevented and treated properly.”

Luckily she has now found a routine that helps keep her under control. Key: SPF and sun protection. “Sun and UV radiation make hyperpigmentation worse and contribute to skin aging and damage resulting in dull, uneven and wrinkled skin. Making the switch to wear sunscreen has greatly improved my complexion.” But this is not just stopping at sunscreen – dr. Fahs is also a self-proclaimed skincare junkie and states that the products on his counter are always changing but the fundamental steps are usually the same. Keep reading for her current favorite pics.

Photo Credit: Fatima Fahs
Photo Credit: Fatima Fahs

She keeps washing her face.

“This is an area I don’t believe in scattering. My current serway is a hydrating cleanser. It’s super gentle and keeps my skin balanced. If you’re using a cleanser that keeps your skin tight and dry Feeling, you are ‘too much!’

She uses a vitamin C serum every morning.

“It helps boost my sunscreen efficacy as well as improves any pigmentation concerns.”

She resists a fragrance-free, mild moisturizer.

“In the warmer months, I reach for a light moisturizer like Vichy’s Mineral 89. I love that it’s fragrance-free, mineral-rich, and made with hydrating hyaluronic acid.”

She never lived without SPF, as promised.

“I never leave home without sunscreen! I like to use tinted formulations for light coverage.”

She uses Concealer / Eye Cream / Sunscreen Hybrid.

“I love the cooling metal applicator to help de-puff under the eyes in AM. The formula has anti-aging as well as peptides for sunscreen and also acts as a mild concealer.”

She removes her makeup micellar from the water.

“It is very good on the skin and is especially great at removing makeup and mascara around the eyes without any irritation.”

She regularly exfoliates her skin.

“After cleansing, I rotate between an acid exfoliant using a prescription strength retinoid (Tretinoin 0.04% micro cream) or at night. Two nights a week, I give my skin a break for any activity. Leave this step together. Moisturize. ”

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