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Illinois’ top public health officer, Drs. Nozzi Ezik, visually sentimental on Friday, urged people to “stay strong” as the state fights a resurgence of cases of coronovirus and seeks solutions to fight the epidemic.

“The way we work, the way we live, the way we play has all changed,” she said during a daily coronavirus news briefing with the government. J.B. Pritzker. “And the harsh reality is that the sacrifice we have made, and what we continue to do, is not a future expiration date.”

Earlier in the day, the Illinois Department of Public Health recently reported 3,874 new cases of coronovirus and 31 additional deaths, along with a new trial record in a 24-hour interval.

The data suggested that four restrictions came into effect in Chicago to slow down the spread of the virus and the deadly virus.

Regions 7 (Will and Kankakee counties) and 8 (DuPage and Kane counties) both exceeded the 8% positivity rate threshold for three consecutive days, automatically triggering enhanced mitigation efforts.

Noting that hospitalizations and deaths continue in Illinois, Ejic acknowledged that COVID-19 has caused a “terrible condition” and the mental, social and emotional toll on people continues.

“… It’s a tough race when you can’t really see the final point, and I’m sorry I have the same message for you,” the IDPH director said. “Nevertheless, I am asking you to fight fatigue.”

During the daily news briefing, Ezek begged Illinois residents to “think beyond themselves”, and continue to practice major disturbing strategies in social mitigation, such as social distance, wearing masks, and limiting the number of people.

“” Think of those we may have inadvertently infected, who may not be lucky enough to have the immune system and a healthy state of yours, “she said.” … but we have a choice … We can do these things so that we don’t hurt the people around us. ”

After Ezike’s passionate plea, Pritzker called him a “superwoman”, with the doctor saying that he worked nonstop since the beginning of the epidemic, even revealing that Ezike was subject to verbal attacks and protests at his home Used to be.

“People have the right to do so,” Pritzker said. “But people should keep in mind that this is a very difficult task that she has, and she is doing it in a way that we all should be proud of.”

Ezike said that instead of the groups taking a stand against each other, residents should work together to fight the virus and think about health care workers, who again risk their lives to help patients Are putting

“Putting our people through this again, it’s unfortunate, and I’m desperate to find the message that will work.” “I am looking for someone to tell me what the message is so that we can do to turn it on.”


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