I’ll get Isabelle from the Animal Crossing x Build-A-Bear collection to end all my procrastination.

His cheerful but stern face will keep me on course

International plush toy brand Build-A-Bear has announced that it will partner with Nintendo to produce a new range based on the latter’s cute social simulator. Animal crossing. The company made the succinct Twitter announcementBut it didn’t offer any information on characters, pricing, or release dates, simply offering a mailing list for interested parties.

I am an interested party. Not particularly because I care about Animal crossingBut I appreciate the hard-working and desk-bound attitude of Isabelle, a good, cheerful girl and a staunch office worker. I think a fancy edition of the pringle hound sat only out of my field of vision, it will offer me the urge and oppressive guilt necessary to sit at my desk working, without going to the kitchen to open the refrigerator … boil the kettle … look out the window … open the fridge again. Isabelle’s jovial death gaze will increase my production by an estimated 138%

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