Ignoring the warnings, Kirk Cameron hosts the 2nd Caroling event as a growing number of COVID-19 cases in Ventura County

THOUSAND OAKS, California. – Dozens of people, most of whom did not wear masks, were shown for the second Caroling event hosted by actor Kirk Cameron at Thousand Oaks, as all COVID-19s in Southern California relate to a dangerous and massive surge of cases. And deaths.

A crowd of about 75 to 100 people was walking outside The Oaks Mall – right next to The Caucus-19 Testing Center.

The group consisted of people of all ages, from children to senior citizens. Few, if any, aerial footage from AIR7 HD can be seen wearing masks or moving away from each other.

They were apparently ignoring repeated warnings issued by health officials across the region, urging people not to gather in groups and wear masks in public at all times because the COVID -19 patients fill local hospitals to their maximum potential.

Officials have warned that such events could serve as “super spreaders”, causing infections among large numbers of people, before infecting other family members and friends with them. Know that they have a virus.

Oaks Mall officials said the “irresponsible” incident was not authorized by the mall and has requested it be moved.

Mall officials said, “The incident at the Oaks is a non-sanctioned incident at the moment.”

“We continue to share our community’s concerns over these irresponsible – yet constitutionally protected – events and enforce the law on property. We have reached out to the organizer to ask that the event be moved.”

This is the second event organized by the former “Growing Pain” actor-turned-publicist. His first event was subject to criticism for contributing to the spread of coronaviruses.

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After that the first event was held, Claudia Bil-de la Pena, the mayor of the Thousand Ocas, commented: “Freedom and freedom are very fragile and they come with great responsibility. Organizing large gatherings and ignoring all guidelines , I think, is unchristian. “

In Tuesday’s program invitation, Cameron referred to it as a “peaceful protest”.

Cameron wrote on social media, “Let your voice be heard at this peaceful protest praising the Prince of Peace.”

Ventura County has recorded more than 200 deaths since the onset of the epidemic and a total of more than 31,000 cases. The county reported 2,049 new cases on Monday alone.

With 68 in the ICU, Ventura County now has more than 300 patients for COVID-19.

Ventura County health officials, like their counterparts across the state, have urged the public not to gather with groups outside their own homes and wear masks at all times outside the home.

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County officials said in a COVID-19 update sent this week, “Our heroes wear masks. The first responders in the ICU working 24/7 shout at us to serve our community.”

“Thank you, Ventura County, during this critical time, for helping remove social disturbances and collecting them, let’s save lives and save businesses to save numbers.”

Additionally, a COVID-19 outbreak in Ventura County jails has ordered the release of 76 low-level offenders who have 60 sentences on their sentences in an effort to reduce the prison population and provide more space There is less than a day left. away.

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