IFTTT introduces a new ‘Pro’ subscription plan for applet creators with advanced features

The popular automation platform IFTTT (IFT This If That) today introduced a new subscription model for applet creators with a scheme called “IFTT Pro”. With IFTTT Pro, users will get more advanced tools to create multiple Applets with faster execution.

IFTTT lets users create a series of automated tasks with various applications, services, and devices. According to the company, more than 50 million IFTTT Apple are currently available – and this number is expected to increase further with the recently announced IFTTT Pro.

The Pro subscription plan provides multi-step Apple, queries and conditional logic, multiple actions and faster applet execution. As stated by the company in its website, subscribers will now be able to query data from multiple sources before starting multiple actions.

For example, a Pro might create an applet that queries both their Google Calendar and Slack before deciding to turn on their Philips Hue lights in the evening and play their favorite Spotify playlist.

The company said in a statement that all revenue generated from this new subscription model would be used to invest in better infrastructure and even more features for the IFTTT platform. Free regular plans will be available with the option to create three Applets.

The suggested price of IFTTT Pro is $ 9.99 per month, but the company will let users choose how much they want to pay for a limited-time subscription, as they are still receiving feedback from users to determine the final price .

You can subscribe to IFTTT Pro through the official IFTTT website and it accepts Apple Pay as a payment method. The IFTTT app is available on the App Store and requires iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad iOS 11 or later.

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