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If your Facebook data was stolen, this is what you will see in your news

Facebook users will begin to see notifications in their News about the applications and websites that have used their data. The type of notification will reveal if a user was affected by the data breach related to Cambridge Analytica. ( Facebook press room )

Facebook began to reach the millions of users affected by the Cambridge Analytica scandal, revealing users who had their Facebook data stolen.

Facebook users started receiving notifications in their News about "Protection of your information". The content of each notification, meanwhile, reveals whether the user was a victim of the data breach or not.

How to verify if your Facebook data was stolen

In a Facebook post, the social network said that as of April 9, users will begin to see a new notification at the top of their News. The notification contains a link to the applications they use, as well as the information they have shared, knowingly or unknowingly, with those applications.

"As part of this process, we will also tell people if their information may have been incorrectly shared with Cambridge Analytica," Facebook said.

Facebook will show two types of notifications. In the first type, the link says "Go to applications and websites", referring to the applications and websites where users logged in with their Facebook accounts. The link will also allow users to remove applications and websites that they no longer want to connect to their Facebook account.

Meanwhile, the second type of notification shows a link that says "See how it is affected". The notification mentions the ban on This Is Your Digital Life, the application that allegedly misused the data of Facebook users when sharing with Cambridge Analytica. If you see this notification, it means that it is one of the millions of users affected by the data breach.

Can Facebook change things?

Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke out, the social network has been doing everything possible to recover the trust of its users. It remains to be seen, however, if Facebook can change things.

With the beginning of the #DeleteFacebook movement and the confirmation that 87 million users had their data compromised, it will be a difficult hill to climb. It also does not help that there is another controversy on Facebook, this time with Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is now adding a release feature to allow users to retract chat messages without a trace. Facebook announced the feature after it was discovered that the company erased messages sent by CEO Mark Zuckerberg through Messenger, which was said to be in response to the 2014 Sony Pictures hack.

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