If you hate that Note 9 reuses the Note 8 design, then you’re doing smartphones wrong – BGR

We've been telling you for most of the year that the Galaxy Note 9 will look almost exactly like the Galaxy Note 8, since Samsung's strategy this year for its flagship phones is to recycle and refine the design while manufacturing several hardware improvements. Then the first leaks and renders appeared, including yesterday's filtered image (see below), showing us a Galaxy Note 9 phone that looks almost like Note 8.

But there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. And if you're about to ignore a phone like the Galaxy Note 9 simply because it looks like last year's model, then you're probably doing smartphones wrong.

Smartphones have come to a place at this time when it is difficult to create unique designs In fact, design alone should not matter too much, considering that each new flagship is much better than its direct predecessor .

Tiny computers with a fairly significant rectangle screen with almost no borders are the norm at this time. Some have notches, others have curved screens, and others try not to copy the iPhone that is almost comical. The point is that the purchase of your next expensive phone should not be reduced to alone.

After all, your TV looks a lot like the model it replaced, although it may have smaller bezels and smarter functions. Your laptop of your choice is also very similar to the previous one but, and probably see where I'm going with this, it has a smaller frame and better specs. Do you want to do the following?

Image source: AndroidHeadlines

The point is that you should not treat your smartphone differently, even if I'm used to the diversity of Android . Because let's face it, that's probably why Note 9 may seem boring compared to Note 8. If you're an Android user for a long time, you're probably trained to be on the lookout for new things, design included . That's what Samsung had to learn the hard way. Comparatively, iPhone users are used to seeing Apple recycle and refine good designs for years.

Once again, we have reached a kind of smart phone design peak, and until better things emerge, such as phones that fold like wallets or have full screen designs, we will surely see more imitations of the best designs of phones available. The Galaxy S / Note is one of them.

Speaking of the diversity of smartphones on Android at the moment, the fact that most of them are clones of iPhone X should not escape you. Samsung decided not to copy the design of the iPhone X like any other Android seller in the city, and that's great to say about this faithful follower of Apple.

In that sense, the designs of clones of the iPhone X should not be ruled out only by the design. I have often taken a hard line about flagrant clones because the makers of Android devices generally claim that they have not copied Apple, not because they are bad phones.

Regarding the Galaxy Note 9, ignoring Samsung's next flagship because it seems familiar is completely incorrect.

The phone will be better in all aspects than the Galaxy Note 8. It is the S generation of the Note 8, a device that will include better internal components, including the processor and camera, and better overall performance. It is also shipped with Android Oreo from the factory, which is an advantage. To put it in simpler terms, the Note 9 is a clone Note 8 almost perfect when it comes to design and a clone Galaxy S9 + almost perfect when it comes to specifications. Add an even bigger screen and a new S Pen, and you'll get one of the best phones of the year.


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