If they get foreign information, Devin Nunes will not say they can harm Biden.

Notice of the question regarding the packets was sent to GOP members of Congress, including Nunes, who have teamed up with President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani – by the Ukrainian jurist Andrei Derkach. Giuliani played an important role in the Ukrainian government’s attempt to publicly announce the former vice president’s investigation, an effort that led to the presidential impeachment and later acquittal.

But facing an interrogation of Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney of New York, Nunes refused to answer.

“I think I will request an explanation from the ranking member that he is not ready to answer just a simple question as to whether he has received material that has been called into question that defame the former vice president of the United States Seems to be designed to do, but at the very least, to share them with the rest of the committee, ”Maloney said.

The exchange came on Wednesday during a committee meeting where the panel voted along party lines to allow all House members to see classified intelligence Democratic leaders provided to the FBI as a foreigner targeting the 2020 presidential election Warns about “disintegration” campaign.

“Mr. Chairman, there have been such public reports that the minority has received material from Andrey Derkach, and those materials will not be classified and prohibited from disclosure,” Maloney said on Thursday. “But, at the very least, I also understand that the majority of employees have requested the minority to share them with the majority of employees so that we can evaluate them independently,”

Maloney said his question is whether Nunes “is willing to tell the committee whether it has found material that has been questioned in public reports from Andrey Derkach and if so, will he be able to share with others.” Ready to share? ” Committee. “

Speaker of the House Intelligence Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, then asked, “Does the ranking member want to answer?”

Nunes replied, “No.”

Maloney pressured Nunes to say why she would not confirm receipt of such material from Derek, which Maloney said he intended to dislike Biden.

“I mean, as I understand it, the committee staff is in possession of evidence that a package was obtained. None of it is classified,” Bonnie said.

Maloney said: “Has the ranking member also been prepared to answer this question? How about it, Mr. Nunes? Have you received the package from Andrey Derrack? And will you share with the committee Or not? Well, I think there is a case where silence speaks. “

Schiff then postponed the meeting.

Congressional Democrats have expressed late interest in a possible dissolution after Biden. Last week, Democratic congressional leaders sent a letter to FBI Director Chris Ray urging FBI briefings to all lawmakers about their 2020 foreign intervention efforts.
Sources told CNN that a classified appendix of Democrats included concerns about a Russian-linked “disintegration” campaign to target Biden in the 2020 election, including information about entities related to Russia, including the Senate’s Homeland Security. Is being provided to Minister Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin Republican who is leading an investigation into Biden.
In recent months, a small group of Ukrainian political celebrities have injected themselves to release and promote Biden’s alleged audiotap in the US presidential election. Some of these figures are linked to Kremlin interests or Russian intelligence agencies, which experts say may have been part of a Russian-backed misinformation campaign.
The recordings are of Biden’s dealings with former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, and they appear authentic. But the material reinforces Biden’s claims that he promoted American interests and did nothing inappropriate in Ukraine. There is no evidence of wrongdoing on the tapes, and the Biden campaign says the release is a blatant Russian arbitration against the former Vice President.
Some Republican and right-wing news outlets have embraced the baseless claims being made by these controversial Ukrainian figures. Some of these figures have worked closely with Gulliani, including Derkach. Johnson has tried to testify to another Ukrainian in this class, former diplomat Andrey Telijenko.

Johnson told CNN earlier this month that he was not aware of any Russian germs sent to his committee, but his staff said no evidence provided the panel and that “huge grains of salt coming from Ukraine” “Takes anything with.

Johnson said, “I am not aware of the information that our committee has collected. We are encouraging people to send the information, but then we understand it fully.” Let’s take everything with a grain of salt. I think you have to. “

CNN’s Jeremy Herb and Zachary Cohen contributed to this report.


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