If there is no other incentive check in the next relief bill, you can still benefit

Without the help of Congress, many economic aid programs will run till the end of the year.

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After returning to Congress work on Monday, senators and representatives are expected to once again debate the merits of the big or small stimulus package. Pass before 2020. There is only one problem: Congress has a deep division Size and scope of a COVID-19 rescue bill, That is why the conversation has already been dragged on for six months. The urgency to pass a bill and the disappointment that it still can’t happen tells U.S. leaders and health experts alike that President-elect Joe Biden has called the country a “dark winter” of growing coronovirus cases and economic hardship. Has expanded.

On Wednesday, the US reported its deadliest day since May, with 2,300 deaths due to coronavirus. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has warned that the US could reach more than 320,000 deaths by mid-December.

A growing number of Republican and Democratic members are pushing Congress to focus on a smaller bill than Democrats Has supported since spring. A small bill can expand some of the most important programs Ending at the end of the year And possibly leave popular Second economic stimulus check. After agreeing on short-term assistance, Congress could discuss a wider package after the Biden administration took over On 20 January.

For months, Democratic leaders have rejected the idea of ​​a smaller, targeted bill – something House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has referred to as half-incomplete – but days before the end of meetings with the Senate and House of Representatives The year, a small bill may be the only route for the broker for a deal before the end of the year.

“We need to do that now,” said Republican Senator Roy Blunt from Misauris on the CNN State of the Union on Sunday. “The problem was, that our friends on the other side of the building thought it was $ 2.4 trillion or nothing. Half of it would have made a big change, and then after the first of the year, we could deal with it again. .. “

a Second incentive check of up to $ 1,200 per person Although not assured. (And A payment can bring you atleast Money than before.) Those arguing against a second direct payment suggestion Another direct payment May not be necessary, since a Upcoming COVID-19 Vaccine Indicates return to work and the kind of expenses that drive the economy. Not everyone will get the vaccine at the same timeHowever, and mid-2021 widespread distribution is still months away.

Last week, a group of 127 economists signed an open letter (PDF) urging a second stimulus check in a swift, fair and effective manner as “getting families and the economy back on track”. . But after months of useless debate, what does it mean if we check another incentive Is not Come? We’ve noticed other benefits a new incentive package can bring you, even without $ 1,200 per eligible adult. This story is regularly updated with new information.

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A smaller bill may still bring more money for federal unemployment checks

Cars act Authorized in march An additional $ 600 per week In unemployment money for persons working outside. When that program ended in July, President Donald Trump signed an executive action Extended payments through an additional $ 300 per year per week until December 31 or until the money runs out for each state. With the total number of unemployed claiming benefits up to 20 million, the government reported this month, the renewal of federal unemployment assistance could directly help millions of people in paying rent, food and other essentials.

Support for small businesses to pay laborers’ wages

The Payroll Protection Program is also part of the CARES Act, which was designed to help workers hire by providing loanable loans to small businesses for the purpose of paying them. This means that people who work for small businesses should be more likely to keep their jobs because their employer can get extra money to help keep workers on the books.

However recent studies show that the payroll program was not as effective as it could have been – with many businesses using debt at nonprol expense and, according to a University of Chicago study, to build savings – Republicans and Both Democrats have pushed for renewal programs targeted the hardest hit small businesses.

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Federal support for labor wages is scheduled to run out because Democrats and Republicans disagree.

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Renter protection to prevent eviction

The CARES Act included 120-days Prohibition on eviction of renters. Trump re-enacted the ban as of December 31. A recent US Census study found that one in five renters are not caught on their rent during an epidemic, a lapse in security can be disastrous for American families and complicated by an anticipated increase. In personal bankruptcy.

With the December 11 deadline to be out of Congress after Thanksgiving and to approve the new federal budget, lawmakers must act quickly to agree to a short-term fix before the new year.

Until then, here is what we know about the state Negotiations on another economic rescue bill, what might happen Make a pact And Five benefits are going away Until the Congress functions before the end of the year.

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